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Lightsabers, blasters, hover vehicles, robotic limbs, and more. And let’s not forget R2-D2 and C-3PO. Star Wars is sometimes labeled a space fantasy when it comes to genre, but make no mistake: it’s equal parts science fiction, filled with never-before-seen technology and innovations that we’d love in our own galaxy.Swtor2credits offers 9% off swtor credits ,you can share it from Sep.19-Sep.29.

A new show from Disney Digital Network and Lucasfilm, Science and Star Wars will explore just how close we’ve come to realizing that technology, and take a look at the relationship between real-world science and Star Wars technology.

“Over the last 40 years, many scientists, by their own admission, have been influenced by Star Wars,” says Mickey Capoferri, Lucasfilm’s senior director of programming and executive producer of Science and Star Wars. “It has made them want to get into these fields and advance technology out of pure curiosity, and probably a feeling that, ‘Hey, this can be real. We aren’t far off.’ That’s what we want to investigate in Science and Star Wars. How close are we to Star Wars or Star Wars-esque technology in the real world? What progress has been made and is being made?”

The show was created in partnership with IBM. A typical episode, if there is one, goes something like this: host Anthony Carboni (who can also be seen weekly on The Star Wars Show) will investigate a specific topic — say, helper droids like Artoo — by discussing the technology with IBM researchers and scientists. Now this is where those experiments come in. Carboni will collaborate in the lab with special guests, from former astronauts to Star Wars celebrities; so far, the Star Wars saga’s Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Star Wars Battlefront II‘s Janina Gavankar (Iden Versio), Star Wars Rebels‘ Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), and prequel-era Boba Fett Daniel Logan have been revealed. Together they’ll try to bring that Star Wars tech to life, or at least a close approximation. As viewers will find out, sometimes everything works out as planned, like Luke destroying the Death Star with an impossible shot, and sometimes things go a little more Ewok-on-a-runaway-speeder-bike. Both are equally fun, which is something of a guiding principle for the series.

“There are things that you know we need to do, right?” says Carboni. “Like, we couldn’t do Science and Star Wars without doing lightsabers. We couldn’t do it without doing speeders. We couldn’t do it without doing blasters. So there are certain things that we knew we wanted to do and then there are certain things that we know will make great experiments and great visuals if we can figure out how to do them. It’s kind of a mix of those things. What do people want to see, that also is kind of grounded in enough real science where we can go talk to experts who can talk about the amazing things that are going on in that field, and what will also make a good, awesome, fun, and explode-y video for people to watch.”
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