Bill on Electrohomeopathy can be beneficial to India

Electropathy, a branch of medicine being practiced for more than 140 years is fast gaining acceptance as a credible science for human healing across the world

13 November 2013, New Delhi, India

The world’s largest democracy and a significant proportion of the population can be benefitted if a bill that seeks to legitimize the practice of electrohomeopathy, is passed in the upcoming sessions of the Indian parliament.

Electropathy is a science of medicine that works on the lymph and nodes of human  cells and does not draw too much from natural herbs and resources around the world. This stream of science, practiced for more than 140 years, is also believed to be effective on several chronic diseases such as Cerebral palsy, Hemophilia , Down syndrome, Hepatitis, Paralysis, Migraine and DepressionThe day- long session was attended by more than 200 practicing electrohomeopaths from more than 15 states of India. Several successful case studies of patients cured through this system of medicine, as evidence of efficacy of the medicine, were also presented by leading practitioners of this branch of medicine for the benefit of the audience present at the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.  Ram Swaroop, Hon”ble Member of Parliament, Government  of India  said,’’ I am happy to be here in this August session. Electrohomeopathy, as I am given to understand, is a plant based science that has been found to cure several chronic diseases and ailments. Also happy to note that a number of plants and plant herbs are found in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the state I belong to. I do congratulate the foundation in taking the effort of getting across news and views on the subject and hope that the science gets it’s due recognition and acceptance, in due course’’.          

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Electrohomeopath & Director, R & D , ERF (India) said,’’ Electrohomeopathy as a system of medicine is being practiced since the days of Count Cesare Mattei in 1865 and this system of medicine is more than 140 years old today. In this form of medicine and treatment, the healing of the patient takes place at cellular level by effective removal of toxins from cells and strengthening of the immune system. The medicines used in the process or line of treatment have no side effects whatsoever, on the patient. Through the session, we would appeal to regulatory authorities and due constitutional processes of the land to recognize the science, not just in India, but across the world.”       

Surender Thakur, Electrohomeopath and Director (PR), ERF, said,’’ the foundation has taken firm major steps towards raising awareness on various aspects of electrohomeopathy in India. This line of medicine is eco-friendly for herbs and uses only a fraction of the plant extract as against other practiced forms of medicine. Therefore, larger communities of the patient fraternity can be treated from lesser quantity of herbs and extracts, thereby contributing significantly to saving the forests as per forest conservation act of 1860. We have been communicating consistently with Himachal Government for recognition of Electrohomeopathy in india.’’

About Electrohomeopathic Research Foundation (India)

Electrohomeopathic Research Foundation (India) is a pioneer in the field of Electrohomeopathy system of medicine and operates on a no profit no loss basis through it’s team of volunteers. ERF operates through its offices at New Delhi and NOIDA, U.P, India and is working relentlessly to promote the ideology of Count Cesare Mattei, referred to as the father of electrohomeopathy, in India.

The Foundation is engaging with the Central Government for the recognition of  Electrohomeopathy system of medicine in India. The organization is requesting Central Government and all State Governments for the recognition of Electrohomeopathic System of Medicine.


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Nov 13, 2014