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Biogents mosquito trap is the highly rated and recommended safe product, when it comes to prevent and control mosquitoes in both indoor and outdoor area.



25th May, 2017 - Mosquitoes are the quickest breeding insects that keep annoying people everywhere with their itchy bites and noisy sounds. They fly around carrying different kinds of diseases those are among the leading causes of human suffering &  death in this world. Mosquitoes population should be controlled effectively in order to keep away from the deadliest ailments like Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika etc. There are many superlative products including mosquito coils, personal skin repellants and town fogging available to combat with the mosquito problem but they have their own shortcomings which prevent them from being completely efficient solution. However, the German made Biogents Mosquito Traps have chemical free enticers to catch and remove almost every species of mosquito without fail. These products find use in every region of the world to effectively fight against the problem of rapidly growing mosquitoes and save people from mosquito related diseases.


Biogents Mosquitaire is uniquely designed to serve as the most efficient mosquito trap worldwide. The most advanced mosquito trapping technology is infused in it in such a manner that flying mosquitoes can be caught and removed without even any hassle. Biogents mosquito trap is extremely useful since it uses enticers to woo and catch tiger mosquitoes, yellow fever mosquitoes and other possible breeds. The German makers depend on an internationally patented mix of visual signs that irresistibly attract these insects, air plumes that artificially create the feel of human skin’s convection current & even the sweat gland discharge found in case of the humans. And the end result is a unique formulation that is so appealing to mosquitoes that you won’t ever experience these insects flying around you indoor or outdoor.


“We sell and supply Biogents mosquito trap that can be turned on to make the mosquitoes disappear from the surrounding air with a disrupted breeding rate. Our product range includes many Biogents supplies along with Mosquitaire which is extremely useful when it comes to prevent these insects from breeding fast and curb their local population. Even Assembling the Biogents Mosquitaire Trap is easy and can be installed at your Home, Garden or meeting place. If you don’t want to give the mosquitoes enough time to produce offspring to make up their number and carry on their activity after they are being trapped into the system, consider ordering Biogents mosquito soon,” said a spokesperson of Mosquitoair.


With the use of Biogents Mosquitaire, no dangerous gases are released that would harm the environment or health of sensitive persons. It is eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic that would add to the experience of misquote control both outside and inside the residential or public area on use.


For an easy to assemble and use mosquito trap that would not just save you from itchy mosquito bites but also from the irritating buzz especially when you are looking for a sound sleep at night, check out the Biogents mosquito trap selling on the website at

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Biogents Mosquitaire is probably the perfect solution for monitoring or surveillance programs of adult mosquitoes. Our BG Mosquitaire – is significantly better and high performance mosquito trap ensuring trapping efficacy for the most common mosquito

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May 25, 2017