BLACK GAY SUPERHERO hits comic books!

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Woke Comics
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Woke Comics is proud to announce the release of a groundbreaking new comic book, VOLCANO WOMAN.

Introducing the first ‘regularly featured’ Gay Black Male Superhero in the person of PIRU, Woke Comics will unleash “VOLCANO WOMAN” with animated footage of Piru Tyler in a Vimeo cartoon documentary on November 1st. Piru is described as a government Scientist who doesn’t want his inventions used for evil. He is the baby brother of the lead character, Volcano Woman. The Black owned comic book also features a deaf character, Carolee, as the mother of Volcano Woman and Piru.


Drawn by young new Black American illustrator Crystal Crossley and conceived and written by legendary Egyptian-Sudanese novelist and television writer Kola Boof, VOLCANO WOMAN takes place in Philadelphia and tells the story of Nessa Tyler, a nosey Black woman reporter who is kidnapped by crooked double agents and sacrificed to a Volcano in Sudan. She dies. But she comes back as the fiery and powerful Black American superhero, Volcano Woman!


Published by video game creator Russell Wilson with the help of veteran filmmaker Debra Keeler, VOLCANO WOMAN will begin its monthly print run starting in February 2017. But a special preview edition of the comic will be released in November 2016 to coincide with the five minute animated documentary “Introducing Volcano Woman.”


Journalists and fans wanting to receive a FREE copy of “Volcano Woman” in November should email Woke Comics at this address:


Please be sure to follow Volcano Woman on Twitter for consistent updates (@volcanowwoman) or visit the webpage at WOKE COMICS:









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