Brighten up your parties with Toothpick flags

These mini USA flags are great for restaurants, picnics, events, centerpieces, and celebrations!

If you’re a regular at parties or social events, there is no chance you haven’t seen the ever-popular toothpick flags being displayed on cupcakes and on display tables. You will also agree that these flags easily add a special touch to the events in the easiest manner. If you’re organizing an event, here is how you can use the toothpick flags to make your event, even more special and drool worthy.

- Display your brand’s name – the small toothpick flags can be used to print your brand’s name as well as logo if you’re organizing a corporate event. This increases the brand value and helps the customers and invitees retain your brand details. It’s a sure-shot way to increase the visibility of your brand.


- Write quirky messages for the guests – these flag can be put on tables with special messages for each guest. They can even have the guests’ name printed on it for them to identify their seats and tables. Just another way to personalize your events and make them a hit!


- Display table numbers and important symbols – As mentioned above, you can display table numbers for your guests and also put some important symbols. If someone on the table requires special attention or has some special needs, this can easily be displayed on the flag for the staff’s easy identification.


- Use them to display the names of the dishes – Organizing a big event that will have scrumptious food too? Consider using toothpick flags to display the names of the dishes. This will certainly put a creative element to your table design and display and will certainly leave your guests impressed.

You can choose from fabric and paper flags depending on your requirement and budget for the event. Most of the flag manufacturing companies will offer customization options for size and material and you can choose what fits your requirements the best. You can get these flags from AGAS manufacturing, who ensure that these flags that add a pop of creativity and color to your events.

Checkout two sizes (2.75 inch and 4 inch) Toothpick flags on this website


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These mini USA flags are great for restaurants, picnics, events, centerpieces, and celebrations!

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