Business-Adviser's Professional Tax Agents Can Provide Valuable Assistance

Tax professionals can be extremely helpful when it comes to providing advice and preparing documents and government forms.

Government Rules about Tax Assistance

Tax professionals can be extremely helpful when it comes to providing advice and preparing documents and government forms.  If you, however, decide to seek out such a professional for your business tax obligations, you must make sure that they are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Professionals registered with the TPB include:

•    Tax Agents
•    BAS Agent (a registered contract bookkeeper)
•    Tax (Financial) Advisers

Only these individuals can lawfully charge fees or awards for offering any kind of advice within their specialty and/or provide any kind of service considered “tax agent services.”  They must also adhere to firm laws of professionalism.
You can check whether an individual is registered with the TPB on its website at:

You can also ask the professional to show you their Certificate of Registration. 

Advantages of Using Registered Tax Agents

Utilizing the services of a Registered Tax Agent offers several advantages.  They include:

•    A Registered Tax Agent can arrange to lodge returns after the October 31 deadline. 
•    Most Registered Tax Agents are affordable.
•    The Registered Tax Agent’s fees are tax deductible.
•    Taxes and law are hard to understand.  A Registered Tax Agent knows the law, is experienced and, therefore, provides peace of mind.
•    Building a solid relationship with a Registered Tax Agent leads to a better understanding of your business’ activities, which allows the agent to provide better support and advice.
•    If for some reason the government does decide to audit your business, having a Registered Tax Agent as an ally, especially one who is familiar with your activities, is both greatly helpful and comforting. 

DAB Financial Solutions

For over twenty-five years, DAB Financial Solutions (DAB) has been providing financial advice and solutions to businesses and individuals.  It has a broad network of carefully chosen, skilled experts in a wide range of legal and financial specialties.  Its constant goal is to promptly provide its clients with first-rate business and financial advice.

DAB’s Registered Tax Agents

DAB provides expertly, highly skilled Registered Tax Agents who will alleviate your tax stressors in a prompt, organized, practical manner. 

DAB’s Registered Tax Agents offer Accounting Firms Sydney in two levels:

1.    Pre-existing conditions:  DAB’s Registered Tax Agents will pinpoint your business’ main tax issues and annually review them in order to make sure you are compliant. 

2.    Undertaking new Transactions:  a business oftentimes initiates dealings outside its usual scope.  Examples include purchasing or selling property, transferring assets, upgrading equipment, and arranging loans.  Such transactions generate tax consequences. DAB’s Registered Tax Agents will make sure said consequences are appropriately addressed in manners that cause the least harm and generate maximum benefits.

Advantages of Choosing DAB’s Registered Tax Agents

When you choose DAB’s Registered Tax Agents, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

•    Its tax advice integrates with your personal financial plans.
•    Its accountants are Chartered Accountants, which means they are recognized by three professional Australian accounting bodies: 1) Chartered Accountants in Australia: 2) CPA Australia; and, 3) Institute of Public Accountants.
•    Even though it’s been in business for over a quarter century, it consistently keeps up with new developments in taxes and finances.
•    It offers “big city” advice at reasonable costs.

In addition to tax assistance, DAB also offers Financial Advisor Parramatta, Business Advice Services Parramatta, business help, accounting and audit, and aged care assistance.

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