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"Espresso" comes from the Italian word for express as it is made and served right away. It’s not surprising that Italy bestowed us with such a delight

"Espresso" comes from the Italian word for express as it is made and served right away.  It’s not surprising that Italy bestowed us with such a delight.  You’d expect nothing less from the country that lavished us with tasty gelato, exceptional wines, sumptuous creamy pastries, and the most renowned fashions.

Espresso is often called the “God shot.”  If you simply observe someone having their first espresso, you’ll understand why.  A once soft-spoken, laid-back, impartial individual who didn’t really care from where their coffee came will suddenly become a loud and insistent coffee snob who will only buy coffee from one or perhaps two places.  

OCD:  Obsessive Coffee Disorder

The Difference Between Espresso and Regularly Brewed Coffee

If you go into a store that sells coffee grounds, you may notice that grounds labelled “Espresso” are darker and finer.  While espresso is usually better made with a finer ground, darker roasted bean, such does not fully explain the difference between Espresso and regularly brewed coffee.  The difference is really in the way Espresso and regularly brewed coffees are actually prepared. 

Regularly brewed coffee is the kind most people make daily in their homes by either using a machine that uses a disposable filter or K-cup.  The machine heats water, passes it through the coffee grounds in the disposable filter or K-cup, and provides you with your coffee.  You could very well use the grounds that were labelled Espresso in the coffee shop or an Espresso flavoured K-cup.  Add a flavoured powder and you can have a relatively nice cup of coffee. 

An Espresso machine (, however, forces very hot water, with pressure, through coffee very quickly.  The process makes a stronger, creamier brew with a more intense, absolutely delightful, one-of-a-kind flavour.  Those who feel it is too strong tame it and turn it into the following fabulous drinks:

•    Latte:  Espresso with steamed milk
•    Cappuccino:  Espresso with steamed milk and milk foam
•    Mocha:  Espresso with steamed and cocoa or chocolate
•    Mocha Latte:  Espresso, with steamed milk, foamed milk, hot chocolate, and hot milk
•    Mochaccino – Espresso with steamed milk, foamed milk, and chocolate syrup

Any of these drinks can also be made into a luscious cold drink.

Again, you can use any grounds you wish, but the finer, the better. 

A Yawn is a Silent Scream for Espresso

Breville Espresso Machines

Breville Espresso Machines are so highly regarded, you’re sure to find a model on any list that recommends espresso machines.  So much so that there are even articles that only compare one Breville Espresso Machine to another Breville Espresso Machine, really only citing differences in ability to control temperature and size of model, not quality of coffee, which was continually considered excellent and the best.

Saeco Espresso Machines

Saeco Espresso Machines, too, can be found on any list that recommends espresso machines.  In a poll that asked what feature did the public like most about the Saeco Espresso machines, be it convenience, precision, or no mess, responders more than 70% selected “all of the above.”

Whether you are into a Breville or Saeco, it’s time to “Espresso” yourself today!

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