Calgary Wedding Photographer Alan Maudie Excited for the Start of Another Wedding Season

The street sweepers are almost done picking up the winter gravel and leaves have started to cautiously sneak out on their branches. For Calgary Wedding Photographers it’s also the calm before the wedding season “storm”.

Alan Maudie has been photographing weddings in Southern Alberta and the Canadian Rockies for over a decade and is considered by many of the wedding vendors in this area as one of the top wedding photographers in Calgary.

“This is always an exciting time of the year for Calgary Wedding Photographers.  Winter photography is fun and challenging but after months of a monotone color palate you really start to crave lush green tones and long summer sunsets.  The majority of my wedding clients that are getting married this year or next are also patiently waiting for summer/spring conditions to do their engagement sessions.  I admit being guilty of checking the trees every day to see if there are any leaves yet.”

In Calgary most newly engaged couples learn shortly after announcing their engagement that the best venues and vendors book quick.  For those couples wanting to book one of the top wedding photographers in Calgary they have to do their research and move quickly.  While photographers like Alan are currently filling out their 2018 calendar, he does encourage couples to not give up on this season yet.

“There are always some dates left.  Sometimes I will have a date available but will turn down weddings because I wanted a break in my schedule to preserve sanity, but then something interesting comes up and I decide I really want to take it.  Another assumption couples make when contacting me is they assume that since someone has told them that ‘he’s one of the top wedding photographers in Calgary’ that I won’t do a smaller wedding or a wedding with a lower budget.  I love weddings and photographing them, and I have learned over the years that you need to book a few weddings each season that are small, quaint and where the focus is on the couple and their relationship.  I always get a bit mental boost from these weddings and they help me approach the bigger weddings with renewed energy.”

Alan says that the week following the May long weekend is usually as good as any and has the added bonus of the cherry trees blossoming.

“Most Calgarians know that it is probably going to snow on the May long weekend so, the Tuesday people go back to work tends to be the first real day of Spring.”  

All inquiries for Alan Maudie Photography can be emailed to  Alan’s website can be found at .  His blog is frequently updated with new photography and there are numerous galleries for both wedding and portraiture (Family and Corporate).  Family portrait session are booked on a first come first served basis with a limited number of space available in the fall so book now!

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Alan Maudie Photography is an established name in the Calgary wedding photography industry that has specialized in candid and authentic wedding photography for over a decade.

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May 14, 2017