Call them Cup Cakes or Gift to Self-Worth the Invention

It’s said good things come in small packages and this is as true for a cup cake. A cupcake is just a smaller version of created to serve one person.

Just like a regular cake, the cupcake consists of an icing and other cake decorations including names tame tags.

Originated in the United States, cupcakes slowly crept their way into Mumbai as New York’s Magnolia Bakery first showcased these tiny joie de vivres on a sitcom. And no later did we see bakeries selling cupcakes mushrooming all over Mumbai.

 It is however; not easy to these little beauties right. Generally small enough to be devoured in small little bites, they’re moist and succulent but far from greasy. As with regular cakes, they come in a host of flavors including red velvet cupcake, banana and chocolate, Belgian chocolates, cameral cupcakes, raspberry, vanilla, chunky chocolate ones. The other slightly more fancy ones come in forms of frost-covered, jelly-centered pieces of goodness or the regular cheesecakes.

While more and more bakeries and springing up, a lot of really specialized and surprisingly good bakers are sticking to newer techniques to sell their cup cakes. Many bakers in Mumbai produce these at home (considering the real estate rates in Mumbai) and have come up with innovative marketing and selling techniques. Considering cup cakes alone do not offer revenues that can even marginally cover up the cost of setting up shop, it is imperative for these home based bakers to improvise their marketing and selling techniques.

The easiest way of out of this is to set up shop online. As easy as it is to create and online sore, market online and direct customers to enable them to buy, it is more easy for a customer to order cake online.

With the city being more and more accepting about shopping online, a simple virtual bakery that lets a customer easily order a cake online will grab more eyeballs than a brick and mortar store can ever do. An online store can reach a million more users and even though, you do not serve to those people, it is nice to know that they are already aware of your brand and its existence without having to invest in a real estate.

And while we are writing this, many have already learn from someone else’s mistake and set up an online shop; don’t wait to get out to buy yourself a personal cake, you’re just a click away.

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Sep 13, 2014