Camchatzone is a website that reviews online chat services is a website that reviews and rates online chat services for free. It sorts out the best text or video chat websites for users.

The United States of America; 13, September 2014: Online social networking seems to have struck the right chords of people’s minds. Social media constitute considerable fraction of the business of the web servers. Other than the worldwide popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there are several websites that facilitate communication between people in different ways. Large number of choices are naturally accompanies by confusion, and there are a lot too many options in online communication. has been launched with the intention to sort out the best among online chatting services for users, who can thus avoid learning about a website the hard way. is an online portal that is dedicated to reviewing and rating chatting websites. It is a service that provides users the best choices without any fee or favour. The website is simple and easy to navigate. In fact, it is neither very deep nor very expansive, and that is why users do not need much exploration. The reviews of different chat websites are displayed right on the home page with direct link to the homepage of the reviewed website. Only the top 5 chat services are displayed on the homepage. also facilitates discussion through its comment section as well as Disqus. follows the conventional method of rating with 5 stars. Only 5-starred chatting websites feature on the homepage of Camchatzone. However, if there are not 5 such chatting portals that meet the review parameters only then less than 5-starred websites are displayed on the homepage. rates chatting websites according to its set parameters. It is a completely independent platform that is not associated with online chat service. Thus, its ratings are reliable and genuine. Its legitimacy is also evident from the changes in the top-5 slot following failure of certain websites in meeting the criteria of in particular day, week or month. utilises well defined algorithms to review online chat services. Its reviews are indiscriminate, which is why users may find websites that have adopted age-restrictions. In other words, the reviews of are intended for only mature users. However, the reviewing portal does not necessarily displays only adult websites; but it is a possibility. On the other hand, users have the liberty to follow the reviews and rating of or use their own knowledge base. has been launched only to provide handy information about different chat websites and a tangible comparison between them to the Internet users. Thus, instead of searching the right choice through numerous options at Google, users can take the help of


Website: is a website that reviews and rates online chatting services. It has independent, unbiased and legitimate matrix and algorithm for ranking the chat services. It has simple interface and is easy to navigate for even novices.

Products or Services is a website that reviews and rates online chat services for free. It sorts out the best text or video chat websites for users.

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