Camelot Kids Offer A Variety of Enrichment Classes to Preschoolers in Los Angeles

Camelot Kids Preschool, a non-profit educational organization that offers a variety of student enrichment classes for preschoolers in Los Angeles.

Established in 1997, Camelot Kids Preschool is an educational organization whose objective is to offer the best learning environment for children in Los Angeles.

“Every day you offer us the chance to take care of and educate the most vital person in your life – your child. This is an honor for us, and we love developing a warm & welcoming environment for your child. We are here to support and give your child the best start in life. You have placed your trust in us and we take that seriously; therefore we don’t hesitate to offer the best enrichment classes to your little one” said a spokesperson of Camelot Kids.

At Camelot Kids Preschool, we believe in considering a holistic attitude towards childcare & education. We pride ourselves in assisting your child’s progress toward success as a well rounded individual. We provide a range of classes for the body, for the heart, and for the mind, all with your child’s personal development objectives in mind. Our engaging programs motivate children to stay active, where small class sizes permit our teachers to offer individual attention to each child. Our open, airy rooms produces the most ideal environment where your children will learn, grow and stay one step ahead of the competition.

We are happy to provide a range of fun and challenging enrichment classes during the school year as a part of our education curriculum. For instance, if your child takes a special interest toward plants, they will benefit from our “Organic Gardening” class which will let them discover ladybugs and garden-friendly insects while witnessing plants grow in a natural garden that they help cultivate on CamelotKids campus. Additionally, our “Multicultural Dance” class allow children to explore dance styles of different countries. Through songs, costumes and musical instruments your child will develop motor-skills and learn to create fun dance combinations. At the same time our “For the Love of Music” class will help your child learn different musical skills, like pitch consciousness, rhythm sense, tempo and dynamics.

Our engaging and exciting enrichment programs foster the curiosity, creativity and advanced thinking of all students. Whether your child has a particular interest or simply wishes to learn entirely new subjects, or requires additional help with a special topic; with us you can discover the right enrichment program for your child.

About Camelot Kids:

Located in the heart of Silver Lake and Los Feliz, Los Angeles, Camelot Kids is a premier education center for preschoolers with a perfect teacher to student ratio.


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Jan 14, 2017