Canadians Supported Abortion Pill Even Before Health Canada's Decision

A new poll predicts that women who are living closer to centers dispensing the medicines would benefit the most.

Press Release, September 07, 2015, United Kingdom : Around 62% of citizens were in favor of the recent approval of the medication, as per the Forum Research poll. The brand name for the drug would be Mifegymiso in the Canada.

The critics have labeled this medication as dangerous, but activists who were looking ahead to this pill are nothing less than overwhelmed. The motive behind this decision is being alleged of political nature given the oncoming 42nd elections. Though Health Canada had enough evidence of this safe medicine that helped many women overcome ordeal of unwanted pregnancy, they had been silent on the approval front.

The women’s health activists were noted of saying that even if the decision is delayed or taken for political or ethical reasons, it is welcomed by the citizens. Females had been suffering due to negligent healthcare of reproductive system for a long time now. Only 20% of people had no opinion on Health Canada’s ruling, while 18% straightaway disapproved of the decision.

Those making at least over $100,000 per year did approve of the medicine, amounting to 74% of the population surveyed. The Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills have been approved in U.S. from the year of 2000, while in France; the anti-progesterone medication for pregnancy ending was sanction in the year of 1988. Almost every country in the world has now unrestricted access to the medicine.

Only few still imposing strict laws on the usage of the medical means to end pregnancy, or banning the same. Those who were elder than 65 years of age showed a drop in support to 60% compared to 65% of strong backing depicted by youngsters in the age group of 18 to 34. The difference even cropped in those speaking different language. French speaking citizens disapproved the medication, while a lot many Anglophones (53%) of 65% surveyed would buy abortion pill if needed.

The Forum Research President (Lorne Bozinoff) said that they do not have cultural warns in Canada over abortion like that in U.S, as they want to be away from all such nitty-gritty. With medication for pregnancy termination, women can undergo the procedure at home without having to select the traditional means of surgical fetus removal. Conservative folks and those earning less than 200,000 annually showed lesser support to Health Canada’s voicing than those from liberal community at better end of socioeconomic strata.

Most of the abortion rendering clinics is towards the southern side of Canada close to U.S border. Thus, accessibility of the medicines could be an issue. Women may have to travel far to get the tablets. There has been no consensus about the access of abortion pill online in Canada. But, many regions on the globe have been installed with the facility of getting the medications from internet pharmacy. Most of the females seek non-invasive end to pregnancy than surgical way.


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