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Carla’s Healthy Pet Products offers an online way to shop for pet care products. We are a leading supplier of the best quality dog food and cat food. We deal in both i.e. dry foods and wet foods.

Carla’s Healthy Pet Products offers an online way of shopping for the pet care products. They are a leading supplier of the best quality dog food and cat food. They provide these products as both, dry and wet foods. Apart from this, their product range includes healthy treats, nutritional supplements, organic and botanical based care products, and even baked cookies!

The products offered by them help the clients to take care of their pets from head to tail. They use advanced formulas in their dog and cat foods that are perfectly balanced and build a strong foundation for their good health. Their dog and cat foods have no by-products. Their nutritional formulas contain the goodness of pre and pro-biotics, anti-oxidants and many other ingredients that are beneficial for the vitality of the pets.

Using their entire line of excellent products will give the canines and felines a longer, happier, healthier life by providing wholesome and well-balanced meal every time. The entire range of products can be viewed at:

As a natural dog food company, their products meet the needs of small and large breeds alike. Made to provide basic and essential nutrients, this is the best a pet lover can give to their loyal and friendly companions.

Nutritional supplements and solutions provided by the Carla’s Healthy Pet Products are highly effective and offer a healthy, beautifying and pampering option to the pets. A major highlight of their food products is that they never use corn or wheat products in them. The food products are also gluten free. Also, they never add artificial flavors or colors to the food products. Moreover, they contain the bio friendly and organic ingredients to ensure quality. The products are also devoid of any preservatives, are very fresh; only 4-6 weeks old and holistically balanced for the canines optimal well- being. For more information, visit

Their signature line of cleaning products is pet-safe, child-safe and effective, environment-friendly & safe to use at home even though they are of industrial strength. They have friendly bacteria in them that eliminate the organic wastes that cause odor. These include:

• BioDeodorizer
• Floorwash

Another offering form them is unique product- sealogix fish oil, available as liquid and capsules. It is ultra concentrated, up to three times health promoting EPA and DHA, with citrus flavor and no fishy aftertaste. For queries and orders, fill in their contact form and leave your name, phone number, time zone, and the two best times to reach you. Alternatively, leave in an email at

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Get online high quality healthy food, supplements, treats and pet care products for dog’s and cat’s at affordable prices from Carla's Healthy Pet Products. Order Now!

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Dec 11, 2014