Cedar Tubs Offers Quality Outdoor Hot Tubs with iPhone Compatibility

Cedar Tubs supplies superb quality both indoor and outdoor hot tubs installed with iPhone Compatibility ensuring a smart, efficient hot tubbing experience.


Cedar Tubs has been a popular supplier of hot tubs amongst architects, designers, homeowners, spa and world class resort owners. Being a trusted company, it’s committed to provide quality products as well as ongoing support before and after every purchase – which has made them the premier name in hot tub industry. With the top-of-the-line products and quality manufacturing standard, the hot tub supplier continues to deliver the best quality products featuring latest specifications to its clients all over the world. The company has warehouse in North America and Europe to provide better quality service to clients. Now Cedar Tubs has been providing outdoor hot tubs with iPhone Compatibility feature. This means, the hot tubs are available with iPhone or iPad wireless controller so that hot tub enthusiasts can operate hot tubs as per their convenience.


All of the hot tubs at Cedar Tubs coming with iPhone Compatibility are equipped with an iPhone or iPad wireless controller. The new BP1500/1600 or BP2000/2001 series spa packs allow users to operate and monitor all the hot tub functions both in Europe and North America. This implies, with the smart device (iPhone), a user can access a hot tub through a direct connection anywhere in the local proximity of hub, anywhere in a house that is connected to local Wi-Fi network or via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi hot spots. Using the iPhone or iPad wireless controller, clients can make sure that their hot tub will be ready whenever they want to take a dip. However, this controller allows spa enthusiasts to start the tub and change settings from smartphone or tablet.


“Our outdoor hot tubs with iPhone or iPad compatible feature need you to upgrade to our BP series spa pack from the VS standard spa pack. Considering this upgrade, you’ll receive a Y-Cable splitter and a wireless transceiver. The transceiver plugs into the Y-Cable and broadcasts a wireless a Wi-Fi signal. Then, you can install the APP free from the Apple Store and start to control as well as monitor your hot tub with iPhone or iPad. Earlier, wireless control function was limited to transceiver range of about 200 ft. but now, you’ll be able to access your hot tub using any Wi-Fi signal worldwide through your home router. If you want to know more about the functions and operation of our iPhone or iPad controlled outdoor hot tubs, feel free to browse through our website today or get in touch with us as soon as possible”, says one of the spokespersons of Cedar Tubs.


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Cedar Tubs manufactures and supplies superior quality hot tubs including outdoor hot tubs equipped with iPhone or iPad compatible features. Through this efficient wireless controller, you can easily set particular temperature, time of day screen, time day screen adjustment, filter cycle, settings controls etc, functions of hot tubs as per your convenience. For immediate purchase of highly efficient outdoor hot tubs from Cedar Tubs, please make a visit to the website athttp://www.cedartubs.com/indoor-vs-outdoor.html


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Apr 17, 2017