Ceramic Tiles Enhance Home Energy Efficiency

The English Tile Company Lead The Way In Providing Tiles To Reduce Energy Bills

With the winter months approaching us The English Tile Company have extended their range of ceramic tiles to meet the increasing levels of demand. The English Tile Company are proud to announce that they now carry the highly sought after ranges from Captiva, Harlequin and Hambledon. Beyond their attractive appearance, these tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency properties.

Ceramic products have always been regarded as good insulators, but it is only now that this is being more widely appreciated in respect of tiles. With rising fuel costs and the increased pressure to make homes more energy efficient, the insulation qualities of ceramic tiles are becoming the primary choice for home-owners. Whether fitted to walls or floors, ceramic tiles are energy efficient and help facilitate a decrease in power consumption.

Exactly how much more energy efficient a house fitted with ceramic tiles is can be difficult to gauge. The size and location of a property has tremendous bearing on what sort of savings and reductions can be made. The information and research presented to The English Tile Company, however, indicates that in general home-owners can reduce energy use by between 15% - 20% in respect of heating and air conditioning when ceramic tiles are in place.

To get the maximum possible saving it is important to use only the highest quality ceramic tiles possible. This is exactly what The English Tile Company provide. The Hambledon, Harlequin and Captiva brand names are widely known and respected as being the best in regards of ceramic tiles. The density of mass in the construction of these tiles ensures that their insulation qualities are at the highest level possible.

The English Tile Company have long had a commitment to ensuring British home-owners can ensure their interior design requirements are met at an affordable price. The commitment is extended in regards of the new ranges provided. Making a home more energy efficient with ceramic tiles is possible and financially affordable with The English Tile Company.

The average wage is not increasing at a rate that equals the increase in heating and energy bills received in the UK. The best way to reduce energy consumption is to increase the efficiency of how your home uses energy. The English Tile Company are proud to help make this happen by providing the finest of ceramic tiles at an affordable cost.


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Aug 26, 2014