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I am getting in to runescape 3 gold farming, i have used Robotz in Disguise and i can get around 5-20 million per 10 names,


I am getting in to runescape 3 gold farming, i have used Robotz in Disguise and i can get around 5-20 million per 10 names, i have 10 pc running [ each was about 300$ so cheap ] and at 0.21 per million i make about 1-4 per hour right now and plan to expand, every 10 days i get a new pc [ or when ever i sell enought runescape gold to get a new one ], right now my main gets around 400 million every day and i sell most of it?.


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I really should swich to VM or VPS, but I had so much money at the time that I just got a crap ton of computers [ 75 at the peak ] now I only have 12 left?. There not the bots you get off the street, these are highly payed for bots, like my fire rune making bot for dead man mode, 20$ for the program, 97 hours and no bans.


They did not use that much power, but ya I really don't understand how I did not blow the power, I bet it did happen every now and then and I bet the power system ere is good.


It was in every skill, rember I botted 100s of names for 100,000s of hours so something was going to happen at some point, mainly the bot screwed up or just froze, I had only one ban for no reason, and it was in mele training, but that was like 1/200 at the time after over 90 hours. So if you use Robotz in Disguise [ it is better now since they have updated it ] you really have nothing to fear as long as the bots don't derp, rember I got a few [ like less than 7 ] banned after 100,000s of hours and many 100s of names. You have little to fear [ even the best botting program will have a few bans, but Robotz in Disguise has the least ] ?


I have never seen a "LEGIT" player getting banned, the makers of runescape are very good at finding who is legit or botting, everyone who gets banned and clams to be legit are not telling the whole trueth.


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