Check out NewsDistill’s World’s first personalized News Player

So what are you waiting for download the NewsDistill latest version 2.0 and get news on the move with Worlds first personalized News Player.

When you can't read news or bored of reading an article, NewsDistill will read it out for you’, through NewsDistill’s newly launched News Player. Cool, Isn’t it! The new version 2.0 of the app is sure to give you an enriching news experience.

The world’s first personalized News Player helps you to choose latest and trending news in the genre you wish and will also allow you to filter your news from the preferred publisher.
Well that’s not all the best part is with News Player, you can listen to news offline too. Currently, News Player is available in Hindi and English. We have plans to launch News Player in other regional languages soon.


Here are some of the highlights of News Player

Be updated with the news on the go!
If you have hectic schedule and wish to know the latest happenings across the globe, but don’t have time to read news. Then, we make it easy for you. Even while working, you can listen to news via News Player. The News Player will read one article/title after the other automatically once you turn it on.

Hear and Read at the same time!
With worlds first personalized News Player launched by NewsDistill, you can hear news and read at the same time i.e. One can play an article and continue to browse other articles, thus saving time.

Title/ Full Article
You can select read Title or Full Article based on your preference. For example if you want to know quick latest updates, then you can opt for read titles only. News Player will read only the titles but while listening if you found the title interesting and want to know more details, you can switch to read full article. After this, News Player will read the article for you. Amazing, Isn’t it!

Language Accent
Google text to speech containing default languages of English and Hindi in your mobile are being taken in app and displayed.

Easy access to Next and Previous articles
You can switch to previous and next articles based on your preference. For example:- You missed hearing a headline then you can go back and listen the same again.

You can hear news anywhere with NewsDistill’s newly launched NewsPlayer via Bluetooth even during routine activities like driving, jogging, cooking or working.
So what are you waiting for download the latest version 2.0 and get news on the move with Worlds first personalized News Player.

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