is Offering Consumers a New Way to Looking at Reviews quietly made its way to the internet surface. This website offers an in-depth look at products with public reviews and expert analysis of features and benefits.

05, November 2016: While all the fitness freaks and exercise enthusiasts are looking at products with boring reviews, quietly made its way to the internet surface. This website offers an in-depth look at products with public reviews and expert analysis of features and benefits.

How Is Changing the Way of Choosing Products

Consumer Reports isn’t the only source of getting product recommendation nowadays. A handful of great alternative websites are already dominating the market. is just a new player that has started its’ journey last week. Since leaping into existence, Chooserly is already taking big strides towards changing how people make purchasing decisions.

According to a PWC survey conducted in 2015, 67% of consumers stated that either reading or writing social media reviews and comments influenced their online shopping behavior.

But the problem is, social media reviews are not enough for the consumers, and these are resulting in higher rates of customer dissatisfaction as regular users don’t think of every single perspective, instead, they just focus on their needs and give their own verdict.

The problem is, such verdicts or reviews are often one sided.

As a result of these one-sided reviews, the rate of product return is increasing. More than $40 billion of durable goods are returned every year.

‘So we wanted to help the consumers. By providing product recommendations that analyze every single perspective possible, and interviewing dozens of real customers with different needs’ said Kathaleen Sargent, co-founder of’s humble beginning took place last month.

They started the company last month, with four-person team in operation. They are sourcing for more experts to test the products in the lab, situated in NYC.

Floyd B. Allison, founder of said, ‘we learned there were a very clear need for such a site, and we came forward to act on this collective idea. We have already secured a small investment from an investor.’

‘We have just launched the website, and this turned into a platform of thousands of people who are looking for best fitness product recommendations.’

‘We are currently focusing on fitness products, but eventually, we will publish reviews from the television set to credit repair companies’ Floyd added.

We went ahead and asked Chooserly founder about the product reviewing procedures. This is what he had to say, “Look, we understand most fitness product review websites do one of two things. Either they provide “Canned”, “One Sided” reviews or they except some kind of commission to review a “Lesser Known” product and increase its chances on the market.”

“We do none of these. We’ve taken a different road. We remain objective in our reviews and test the products beforehand. Then there is the case of judging past user experiences with the product or the brand. I mean, you cannot recommend a brand with a history of blunders in features or hardware, right?”

“We even encourage our readers to contribute! They can send their own reviews of a product, we’re more than happy to publish the review on the website ‘Unscathed’ and with credit to the fellow reviewer.”

When asked, “How will you make money?” The founder replied, ‘We are not thinking of making money right now, but we are planning to sustain the platform with affiliate commission.'

During a friendly visit prior to this interview, we found something interesting about, they have established their laboratory in NYC, where they are testing products with a specific testing guideline. A team of freelance interviewers are talking with consumers and taking feedback. They have another team coordinating product analysis and ranking with industry experts. And after all these, they are combining the data to come up with a final decision about which products are best. is currently recommending top 5 products, and they will stick to the number for future contents.

‘We are keeping the list short, so people don’t get confused, we want to give them a short list to choose from. At the same time, the reviews will be as detailed as possible'

This is just the beginning of Chooserly with a different but “Intriguing” way of looking at consumer information handling and fitness product reviews.

Where this approach takes Chooserly?

Only time will tell. We certainly wish them luck with their endeavors.

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Products or Services quietly made its way to the internet surface. This website offers an in-depth look at products with public reviews and expert analysis of features and benefits.

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