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Sliske's Endgame has been runescape gold poorly received among players.


Sliske's Endgame has been runescape gold poorly received among players. So many players lost in maze and don't know how to play it well. Actually, the maze itself fits Sliske's Endgame perfectly. Here are some valid tips on how to play maze well in game. You can regard them as a reference to earn more rewards from this quest.


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What should you do to complete the maze?


1. You need to visit every “Puzzle/Event” room at least once to complete the maze.


2. Play with a large minimap so that you'll have a 6x6 grid of the maze’s floors in front of you.


3. Figuring out what the puzzle actually is, how it works, and what you’re asked to solve in the first place.


4. Using that insight to actually miss the puzzle room.


These four tips may help you avoid lost in the maze. Additionally, there are some suggestions from players which we would like to share with you.


Developers should make a worthy end to the Sliske's story


There were just too many things that the developers needed to bring together and balance just right in order to make a worthy end to the Sliske's story, which began way back with The World Wakes. We'll list the following points:


1. Make the player’s choices affect Endgame enough to make them feel of consequence, while engendering curiosity for what could have been.


2. At the same time, not making the choices too consequential, so as not limit future content.?


3. Make the events of Missing Presumed Death, Disaster Among Thieves, Nomad’s Elegy and Kindred Spirits feel relevant.


4. Reveal Sliske’s master and motives without it feeling thrown together and contrived.


5. Tie together the stories and motives of Zaros, Seren, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl and the Dragonkin, all of which have slowly been growing during the Sixth Age quests.


6. Make the quest feel like the actual end of something, not simply a stepping stone to the next questline. A proper “Endgame”.


Difficulty is in the mind not in Sliske's Endgame. Believe us you will find your hard days as an adventure. Meanwhile you need to buy cheap runescape gold and at the end you will find yourself a winner.


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