CIO Impact Launches: Working with CIOs to Develop Recognition of IT's Strategic Role

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CIO Impact
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Working with CIOs, leveraging traditional and unconventional marketing with branding and communication strategies to increase the value proposition of IT

West Palm Beach, FL: Linda Musgrove, award-winning technology marketer, announces the launch of her new firm: CIO Impact. Leveraging traditional and unique experiential marketing and communications approaches, CIO Impact is squarely aimed at advancing the careers of CIOs, their leadership teams, and entire IT departments; by creatively conveying the extraordinary strategic value and leadership the IT department delivers their organizations.

CIO Impact was custom designed to “bring IT to the front office” by helping CIOs buck the traditional view of IT as a “back office function.” Creative, targeted approaches will be leveraged to captivate the attention of key audiences, thereby establishing the CIO and IT’s reputation as innovative, visionary leaders not only within their organizations but externally to the industry and beyond.

CIO Impact works with CIOs to assess the current state of their personal brands, their leadership's brand, as well as their IT Department’s, then the future state vision is identified, and a strategy is created to help them get there. 

Typical benefits clients experience:

  • Increased Exposure to Key Stakeholders
  • Enhanced Perception of the IT Department
  • Positioning of the CIO as a Strategic Business Leader, as well as a Technologist

“CIOs are the best positioned senior leaders in an organization to deliver new value to the bottom line of the business,” said Linda Musgrove, President of CIO Impact. “Unfortunately, however, IT departments are commonly known for back office operations because they seldom market and promote their exceptional work and talent. Delivering IT excellence is only part of the job of a CIO and IT department, the other part is promoting that excellence. CIOs can’t expect their achievements to speak for themselves, but when the left brain of a CIO meets the right brain of a marketer, IT becomes the company’s rock star department, with the CIO center stage as the lead singer. That is the goal of CIO Impact.”

To learn more about CIO Impact, visit:, contact at, or call (561) 404-7781. To learn more about CIO Impact’s President, Linda Musgrove, connect on LinkedIn:

About CIO Impact

CIO Impact is an ambitious marketing and branding consulting firm, custom designed by award winning technology marketer, Linda Musgrove. Working closely with CIOs, their leadership and IT departments, CIO Impact leverages traditional and unconventional creative approaches, cleverly designed to strategically impact key audiences; to promote ITs value, experience and leadership. For more information, visit:

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Leveraging traditional and unique experiential marketing & communications approaches, CIO Impact is squarely aimed at advancing the careers of CIOs and their IT team by creatively conveying the extraordinary strategic value and leadership the IT departmen

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Jul 25, 2017

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