Coloured Gift Boxes, a new launch by Carrier Bag Hut

Organisations’ expenditure towards staff recreation and training should be considered as an investment. Benefits of these trainings usually double an employee’s worth to the organisation.

Mothers Day is approaching and very soon all gift shops and marketers would be focusing entirely on this day’s promotion. Well when everyone is busy planning their product line for this day, Carrier Bag Hut has thought a mile ahead and planned their launches for this day. This is an effort to help people box their gifts in exquisite packaging.

Cube gift boxes is the launch that is aimed for St Patrick’s Day and Coloured gift boxes with lids is the product line which is scheduled for Mother’s Day. Since the former puts a massive influence on colour green, the company has doubled its inventory for green coloured SKUs. The same way for mother’s day a great emphasis has been laid on making gift boxes creative.

The organisation has been running multiple campaigns where emphasis has been made to presentation skills. Mothers need more of kid’s time than any gift in the world. They usually perfect the expressions of love and care, so while bagging gifts for moms this Mothers Day attention needs to be drawn towards presentation.

Cube gift boxes are designed in refreshing colours. Boxes are made from finest raw material and robust machinery that refine look and feel of these boxes.

Production team has been briefed about the two upcoming days which are St Patricks Day and Mothers Day. A team of experts have been called to educate the staff across departments about the history and relevance of these days.

This was done imbibe the feel of St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day to the staff and thereby improve the production planned to be launched on these days.


Apart from briefing about festivities to the staff, designers are sent to various exhibitions and creative shows around the world to help them draw inspiration for their upcoming launches.

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Mar 16, 2017