Commercial Vehicle Sales Drive Further Growth For UK Automotive Industry

The automotive recruitment approach of John Gibson Associates continues to deliver success across the industry

John Gibson Associates, the leading name in UK automotive recruitment, were delighted to see that growth in the motor industry has continued to grow. This growth is most visible in sales, with year-to-date sales in May 2016 showing a growth of just below 3%. In terms of understanding the driving force behind these increased sales, it is noted that the most significant contributor to growth came through the sale of commercial vehicles. This has an important bearing on the overall economy, as well as being significantly good news for the British motor industry.

In terms of the growth of commercial vehicles sold during May 2016, two types should be highlighted. These are business fleet vehicles and light commercial vehicles (LCV). Registrations for new business fleet vehicles rose by some 10% during May 2016. In respect of LCVs, the year-to-date increase during the month was recorded at 2.9%, with the year-on-year growth in demand for this vehicle being some 13.5%.

The wider view of these increase commercial vehicle sales is that they are a positive endorsement of the economy overall. A significant increase in the need and demand for commercial vehicles indicates that economic activity is rising.  A requirement for more vehicles is an indicator of a higher level of economic activity. Whilst this is welcome news across the board, John Gibson Associates are, understandably, focused on what these figures mean for automotive recruitment.

Whilst business requirements drive the demand for sales, there is still a requirement to sell vehicles to businesses. This is achieved by having the best sales staff possible in place to embrace the demand levels. John Gibson Associates introduced a means of automotive recruitment to the UK which made it considerably easier for businesses to have the best staff possible in place. The success of their approach is reflected in the success within the sector.

Commercial vehicle sales are just one aspect of the UK automotive sector where success is being experienced. It is also just one of the areas enhanced by the recruitment services of John Gibson Associates. The comprehensive motor industry recruitment service they provide enables businesses in every section of the sector to have the very best staff in place.

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Jun 21, 2016