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It is not always effective to reward staff with money or promotion. Sometimes, organizing a retreat among employees may bring unexpected effects.

Generally, employers would reward their staff with bonus or promotion. However, it will arouse some unexpected effects to organize an employee rewarding. Last weekend, a company organized a retreat among some of its excellent employees by offering them Airwheel E3 backpack e bike and bringing them to the fields. They had a great time together.

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The employees got an Airwheel E3 electric folding bike each the night before the rewarding activity so that they could have practiced riding the vehicle first. Since E3 is designed on the principle of human ergonomics, it is quite easy to get the hang of the vehicle. Therefore, most of the employees spent only a few minutes learning how to ride E3 electric folding bike. Besides, the company specially chose E3 because it stands for youth and energy as well as provides riders with safe and smooth travel. E3 is the very latest model created by Airwheel that is modeled after common bikes.

Riding such an interesting E3 e bike in backpack, the employees arrived at the gate of the company. By the time all the people arrived, they rode together to the fields, chatting and laughing along the way. As they didn’t have to steer the vehicle with their hands, they could even have some drinks when they felt thirsty. When they reached the destination, they simply put the vehicle into their backpacks, for Airwheel E3 folding e bike is rather small and light. The folding size is400*353*472mm, as small as a backpack. With 12.5kg item weight, Airwheel E3 can be stored in the office, car trunk and home easily. They did some activities like team-building games and had a picnic there, which all of them quite enjoyed.

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For employers, having a rewarding activity like organizing a ride with Airwheel E3 smart e bike once in a while can help stimulate the employees and release their stress.

In addition, Airwheel brought its new products C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 Racing helmets, F3 Drone to participate in the 2017 CES, these new products attracted a lot of consumers. These products also represent the future development trends of smart products.

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Jan 09, 2017