Compare Parse vs Shephertz App42 and Seamlessly Migrate Your Data

With the impending retirement of the Parse platform, we look at ways to help users migrate app data and ShepHertz has a very detailed product line that includes everything parse App42, Virality etc, support you get is seamless and is available 24×7.

Parse shutting down is an old news. You know, everybody knows. What next? Where would you go with your app data? Will you manage everything by yourself? Or will you look for another mBaaS provider? If you or anyone you know would like to migrate their app data from Parse to ShepHertz, Contact us:



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ShepHertz provides an Omni-Channel Platform (Mobile, social, gaming, TV, IoT, Wearables, Point of Sale, Web) to build Apps and Games. Our servers are deployed in 9 countries, process 55+ Billion API Calls and we are trusted by thousands of Developers, En

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Jan 20, 2017