Cost of Cataract Surgery in India Very Affordable to the Budget of Abroad Patients

Every year more than 500 abroad patients travel to India for getting cataract surgery. The cost of cataract surgery in India is one tenth of the price of the surgery that is given to eye patients in developed western countries.

Cost of cataract surgery in India is very affordable to the cost budget of patients coming from abroad destinations like USA and Canada to cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Cataract surgery success rate in India is upto 99.9% for abroad patients. Recently in India it has been witnessed that cataract surgery prices have come down drastically, thus making top standard treatments very affordable for abroad patients who want to enjoy exotic holidays at the most famous tourist resorts of India. If any patient had always desired to get a cataract surgery or any other kind of surgical procedure, he can best afford it by now, as the cost of eye surgery has come down in India.

Cataract surgery prices are merged with tourist holidays and this area is growing in India at a very fast rate. Ophthalmologists and eye surgeons of India provide you with customized solutions for your entire eye care problems. From corrective eye diseases to glaucoma and low-stress cataract surgery, India provides many kinds of eye surgeries. The techniques of eye surgery have now become very much advanced that the cataract surgery can be performed in a single day.

Cataract surgery is regarded as the removal of the lens from the human eye after it becomes cloudy due to the process of aging, injury in the eyes or other reasons. In most general cases, the cataract surgery expert makes replacement of the cloudy eye lens with an implant artificial lens this lens is also known as intraocular lens or IOL for restoration of eye vision and elimination of the requirement for dense eye glasses after the cataract surgery. This surgery is regarded among the most frequently done eye surgery procedures all around the world. According to Lomb & Bausch, a leading eye care company of the USA, more than two million cataract surgeries are being done in the U.S. each year, and about 55 percent of U.S citizens over age 60 years suffer from cataract in one or both the eyes.

Indian Healthguru Consultant is a famous medical tourism company that helps international patients to get medical treatment at hospitals of India at a low cost budget. The quality of treatment offered by this company is one of its best. Medical tourism is among the continuous booming sectors of the world. Western countries have been seeking to get healthcare facilities at an affordable price rate from developing Asian countries like India from expert and professional medical experts. During the last few years medical tourism and medical treatment has been availed by many developed countries like the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom in developing countries of Asia like India due to many reasons. During the last four years from 2011 medical tourism got fired speedily as per healthcare statistics.

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Apr 21, 2015