Counseling that Makes a Difference

It is a top-tier aftercare facility and caters to young adults but also serves men of any age.

There is nothing as liberating and comforting as being able to talk to someone who makes relevant time and effort to really listen without making any judgments, no matter how unusual your past may have been. More than just listening, having people speak words of encouragement to you at a very challenging phase of your recovery is also very helpful. The right words can spark a new kind of hope within you and inspire you to become a better person.


A lot of recovering addicts suffer intensely because of the lack of support from their immediate family and closest friends. No one is willing to make time for them, no one listens, they are being judged outright for their mistakes in the past, they are being isolated and treated like outcasts, branded as stereotypes, and often rejected. Not everyone understands that the simple act of listening and speaking words of encouragements can make a whole lot of difference on a person recovering from an addiction.


Benefits of Counseling


  1. It improves the self-esteem, self-knowledge, wellbeing, and overall health of a person.


  1. It helps individuals process their circumstances from the right perspective.


  1. It allows people to slowly open themselves up to greater possibilities. They begin to see the good in things and start to embrace a positive outlook on life.


  1. The right process and words help a person achieve clarity of mind.


  1. It reduces stress. People who are able to express themselves freely in a non-judgmental environment are able to release stored negativity inside of them.


  1. It helps individuals identify their priorities in life and set achievable goals at the same time. People also get to learn different approaches or strategies they can do in order to achieve their goals.


  1. It helps people overcome a lot of challenges in their personal lives.


At South Bay Sober Living, we have in-house meetings being facilitated by compassionate and experienced counselors who make time to help residents process their present situation and see the possibilities beyond it. We are a SoCal gender-specific addiction treatment facility that always understands the different needs of men from women. We respect the boundaries of both our female and male residents and we help them rebuild their lives by focusing on themselves first before they can begin to connect with others.


In the facility, we monitor the progress of each resident and help them identify a clear and doable set of goals. Our program is designed to help recovering addicts believe in their potential again and that they still have a chance to begin a new life. Each resident who comes to South Bay Sober Living is given the necessary support and understanding in order for them to reach their full potential.


Through counseling, we intend to teach residents how to build effective and promising habits, strengthen their resolve to resist any form of temptation that can distract them from reaching their goals and to learn to love themselves again.

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South Bay Sober Living is a sober living for men in beautiful Southern California. It is a top-tier aftercare facility and caters to young adults but also serves men of any age.

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South Bay Sober Living

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Feb 12, 2018

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