Cracked Smartphone Screen-OCAMASTER’s Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine can fix it!

Thanks to the new machine from OCAMASTER; broken and cracked smartphone screens will no longer be an issue

Shenzhen City, China: OCAMASTER is the premiere manufacturer of smartphone LCD repair machines. Having managed to raise the standard of innovation in the industry immediately after its inception in 2012, the company is now aiming to achieve more success with the launch of the latest version of their Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine; the OM-K5.

One of the most common issues that smartphone owners are plagued with, is the damage or cracking of their phones’ screens. A complete repair of these screens can be costly. OCAMASTER delivers a very inexpensive solution for this issue. Now you can provide your customers with affordable LCD repair services for their Apple and Samsung, and other brands’ cellphones with the help of the latest Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine.

The main function of the machine is to replace or refurbish the broken or damaged LCD screens of smartphones. The machine is capable of laminating a brand new glass lens on top of the LCD digitizer that usually remains undamaged when the screen suffers damage.

The new OM-K5 has many new features that the old version of the machine lacked. This upgraded machine has its own built-in air compressor, so the users don’t need to attach an external air supply of any kind. This feature alone makes the device much more convenient to use. It also has its own vacuum pump that negates the need of attaching a vacuum pump to the machine. The autoclave feature ensures that there are not any bubbles left inside the LCD while it is being replaced.

When speaking of this new LCD repair machine, a representative from OCAMASTER had this to say, “Our goal with this 3rd generation LCD repair machine was to produce a repair device that will be much more convenient for our clients to use. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal and have included some much needed features in the OM-K5, which were not present in the older versions of the machine.”

The OM-K5 OCA Laminating Machine also contains several other notable features; the 4.8-inch touch control panel, a leak-proof automatic door, lightweight and noiseless vacuum and compressor pumps. All of these features combine to make the OM-K5 the best LCD repair machine that OCAMASTER has produced to date.

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Jun 27, 2015