Creativebloch is soon rolling out its first issue of CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE

Creativebloch, the unique art studio is all geared up to release its first edition of CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE

Dumbo, Brooklyn, (September 13, 2016) - Creativity knows no bounds and when fresh ideas collide, the mind conjures up something unique that gets expressed in the form of art and appreciation cannot be far behind. Creativebloch, a name to reckon with as a unique art studio is the best place that showcases the creative pieces of unique artwork from budding local artists in NYC. It offers active support to the community efforts, and keeps creativity alive through paintings in Dumbo, Brooklyn. CreativeBloch is soon going to release its first issue of CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE. It is a compilation of the unique artworks of 17 talented NYC artists and art connoisseurs will surely be happy.

CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE will be rolled out as a part of Fall Group Art Show, ECLECTRICITY. The edition will be showcasing the works of 17 NYC artists, like Alejandro Caiazza, Scott Teplin, David Platt, Tiziana Mazziotto, Robert Samartino, Julie Severino, Martha LeDuc, Jade Chan, Gary Schwartz, Chad Martin, Robert Arnow, Jenn Ruff, Cynthia Chatman, Chris Dacs, Kiley Ames and the list goes on. The post-industrial vibes and the creative essence spread in the cultural hub of DUMBO are reflected in the creative abstract artworks of the emerging artists in this magazine. CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE can be ordered after October 6, directly from the official website of this unique art studio, Creativebloch.

Creativebloch has also arranged for a gallery show on October 6 from 6-9 p.m. and cordially invites all to be a part of the artistic extravaganza featuring the lovely artists! "The magazine is another way for us to let the world know about great emerging and established artists around NYC,” says one of spokespersons of Creativebloch.

It is the first magazine that is soon going to be released by the art studio Creativebloch in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE features the visually appealing, realistic slices of life captured in the form of self-expressionist works by 17 NYC local artists.
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Creativebloch, the unique art studio is all geared up to release its first edition of CREATIVEBLOCH MAGAZINE – a good compilation of the creative works of emerging NYC artists.

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Sep 13, 2016

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