CrossFit Becomes One of the Most Popular Workout Regimen Worldwide

More and more people are now doing CrossFit

Orlando, Florida – CrossFit exercises is now considered as one of the most popular and most extreme workout regimen today. According to CrossFit enthusiasts, CrossFit is more than just a workout regimen as it starts with a belief. The goal of CrossFit is to have a broad, general and inclusive fitness. According to Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit optimizes fitness which is considered as constant varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Channing Tatum, Cameron Diaz has been said to be using CrossFit as a way to stay in shape. In 2005, there are about 7,000 affiliate gyms that started with only 13 and in 2013 CrossFit affiliate gyms had a net revenue of approximately 2 billion.

The CrossFit workout regimen has been known to be very extreme when it comes to its workout exercises which include performing them in high intensity. Aside from that, CrossFit has been known to be very challenging and also has earned the reputation of putting the bodies of its participants to various strength and endurance exercises. Though the exercises incorporated in CrossFit are fundamental exercises, they are done in a more strenuous and extreme manner. It uses basic tools such as dumbbells, pull-up bars, exercise ball and more. One of the most popular tools is the CrossFit jump rope. Jump rope exercises has been around and has been used by various athletes which include boxers, gymnasts and also MMA fighters. With high training requirements, many fitness companies today have launched their very own line of CrossFit jump ropes.

One of the best-selling Crossfit jump ropes today is Nutravicity’s Jump Rope Speed Cable. It is a CrossFit jump rope built for heavy duty usage and is adjustable to fit various exercises and workout regimen.

“So I gave this jump rope a try and I have got up say it was so easy to use. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to remember the days of jump roping at PE during school. But this jump rope changed all that. The jump rope was so light weight it made it easy to use. I loved it and can’t wait to keep using it. Also this would make a great gift for anyone making those new year resolutions of getting back in shape because you don’t realize how much exercise you are getting with all the fun you are having jumping. This rope is a must have. Loved it” – James Byrne, Nutravicity Jump Rope Speed Cable user

Nutravicity is one of the top producers of fitness products which promote healthy lifestyles for men, women and children. Nutravicity is dedicated to providing its customers not only the best fitness products available but also information that is geared towards living longer, healthier and happier lives. They believe in 100% customer satisfaction and exceptional customer service.

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More and more people are now doing CrossFit

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