Curbing The Costs Of Funerals

UK Memorial Service Acts To Address 7.1% Increase In Funeral And Memorial Costs

The costs of funerals in the UK is rising. The year on year increase in costs rose by 7.1% between 2013 and 2014, which far exceeds the average increase in income. Whilst a shortage of burial sites and administrative costs account for part of this steep increase, it is also the case that unscrupulous funeral and memorial companies do too; exploiting a time of grief for profit. To bring a stop to this kind of practice and to combat rising costs, UK Memorial Services are offering transparent and low costing on memorials across the nation.

At a time of grief and mourning there is a somewhat understandable sense of people wishing to "spare no expense" in commemorating the deceased. It is understandable, but one that those involved with memorials have a solemn duty to guard people against. UK Memorial Service take this duty very seriously, supplying only the finest of marble and granite memorials at the lowest possible costs. The company has, however, sought to reduce costs as far as possible.

Negotiations with the suppliers of materials for memorials has allowed for UK Memorial Service to secure a 20% reduction in cost of all forms of memorials. This is a reduction passed on in its entirety to their clients. To further assist, and as a means of providing support to the bereaved, UK Memorial Service have also put in place free UK cemetery fixing, excluding local cemetery fees, and do not charge for memorial inscriptions which are less than a hundred characters in length. It is the hope of UK Memorial Service that these are accepted as intended, which is as gestures of support and consolation at an emotionally challenging time.

The new reduced or waived costs are in place as of August 2014. UK Memorial Service have not place a time frame on the reduced memorial costs, with their intention being to leave them in place to assist for as long as possible. It is the earnest belief of UK Memorial Service that the burden of grief when a loved one passes should not mean a financial burden is a given.

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Aug 22, 2014