Custom Made Blinds That Help Create an Energy Efficient Home

A simple window blind may not provide all that much of insulation for the room especially in the winter months.

With sky-rocketing energy bills playing havoc with our budgets, the focus today is on creating energy efficient homes. One of the ways most home owners adopt is to get custom made blinds, shades and shutters that contribute greatly towards energy efficiency. Blinds that are properly sized, fitted and installed help to prevent the heat loss or heat gain as and when necessary. And, only custom made blinds fit the windows perfectly so as to provide the right kind of insulation that helps create an energy efficient home.

How Window Blinds Help with Energy Efficiency in your Home

Blinds maintain an air layer between the blind and the window pane which offers some amount of insulation to the room. The closer the blind to the window edges, the less amount of air circulation, thereby less transference of heat between the room and the window. In summer, a well fitted window blind prevents sunlight and heat from entering the room while in winter it prevents the heat from escaping the room. Getting custom made blinds ensures that you have a perfectly fitted window covering that works towards achieving energy efficiency for your home.

Along with Custom Basswood Timber for your windows, it is also a good idea to have exterior awnings and shutters so that the window itself is not directly exposed to the summer heat. A shaded window will keep the room cooler in summer reducing your energy bills.

The Importance of Insulating Custom Smartwood Venetian Blinds for your Windows

A simple window blind may not provide all that much of insulation for the room especially in the winter months. However, it is possible to retain some of the heat and warmth in the room by using insulating window blinds. The modern day invention of cellular shades also known as honeycomb shades work well to create an energy efficient home. Honeycomb blinds contain columns of trapped air between two or more connected layers of fabric creating an insulating air pocket.

Roman shades are another inexpensive option to use if you wish to achieve energy efficiency. These are several sandwich layers of fabric that can be pulled up or down to cover the windows. The thick layer of fabric prevents heat loss in winter while keeping it out in summer when the shades are closed.

Purchasing Custom Made Blinds that Help Create an Energy Efficient Home

Furnishing stores are a good place to get custom made blinds, although it can be quite expensive. Another option is to buy them online from a reputed window blinds manufacturer.  Look for a suitable Custom Timber Venetian Blinds Supplier in your area at You might also request for a free quote and measure for custom made blinds on the website. Check out the varieties of insulating window blinds available within your budget so as to create an energy efficient home.

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