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MJS Construction will turn your dreams in your reality at a price that can not be matched. If you seeking a custom home builder in Orlando please contact MJS today to get started.

MJS Construction is a classical company with a modern touch. We do not just build homes, we make dreams come true. With an array of services starting from renovation to building houses from scratch, we do it all. We have been recognized as the premier custom home builder in Orlando.

We have a very different approach towards our clients and the projects we take on. We want to understand what our clients want. We want to identify what they would relate to, so that we can incorporate those ideas into the way we will work.

We are proud to say that we are the best custom home builder in Orlando. Our work and services come highly recommended. With our dedicated team in place equipped with the state of the art tools and equipment and qualified to understand each and every detail that would make this house great, you have nothing to worry about.

At MJS Construction, we want to make this process as easy and as inclusive of our clients as possible. we know that it is a huge step and we definitely know that if not perfect, then you might regret the decision. However, we have a track record of fine work and satisfied customers. Don’t have to take our word for it, just ask around. You will hear plenty about us. We work to our fullest capacity to help you achieve the dream you have spent so much time and money one.

Based in Orlando, we have served for decades with integrity and hard work. Our team of competent workers is at your beck and call. If you feel at any point that you want to make changes to the initial plans, then we can surely accommodate it and make sure that the end project is something that you are happy with.

We are not just builders; we are a company that will offer you services such as renovation, remodeling, restoration, etc. and so much more. For more information you can visit our website and see in details the services we offer

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Oct 08, 2017

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