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Professional trainings, given in the form of either in person, live seminars or webinars, come with their own set of advantages

Professional trainings, given in the form of either in person, live seminars or webinars, come with their own set of advantages. While webinars are short duration learning sessions at which the most important points of a matter may be taught or clarified; in person live seminars go beyond and offer participants an opportunity to interact with the Expert and peers from the industry and get more in-depth learning.

Customized trainings for organizations go a step beyond. They are live and in person, but carry an important difference: These trainings are created for the organization seeking them. The course material is decided by the participants in consultation with the expert. What makes customized trainings a very important value addition for the organization is that being customized for the organization; they are focused on its exact needs.

This characteristic of customized trainings makes it highly suited for organizations that are regulated. Regulations from bodies such as the FDA, the EMA and others are very stringent. Organizations are sometimes not able to make sense of them and apply them on their own. Because of this, these organizations need expert help.

Customized help from experts

Webinars and in person live seminars go about imparting knowledge about a broad range of topics. Many of the areas the experts teach at these sessions may be good, but up to a point. Many points may not be fully relevant to every organization that participants in these seminars. Many organizations may require a particular aspect, which is best suited to be taught at customized trainings.

These are some of the major advantages of customized trainings:


On-Site Education from GlobalCompliancePanel

The onsite education that GlobalCompliancePanel, a professional trainings provider for the area of regulatory compliance offers, is very valuable in fulfilling the learning needs of regulatory professionals and closing their knowledge gaps. For this reason, onsite professional trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel are in high demand from professionals in the regulated industries. The relevance, high quality, value and convenience they offer are the reasons for this popularity. GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings are seen as an important gateway for regulatory professionals who look forward to adapting these valuable and long lasting professional trainings. These trainings are the ideal solution to organizations that want to spruce up their employees’ knowledge and skill sets.

Why choose onsite education from GlobalCompliancePanel?

There are several reasons for which organizations in the regulatory industries need trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel, a world-class provider of professional trainings. Eight years in the industry have given this company a feel of the learning needs of professionals whose learning needs it caters to. These are some of the advantages onsite education from GlobalCompliancePanel brings:

Participants have the option of choosing the curriculum: It is not a wonderful idea to have the comfort of choosing what you want to learn? This is the outstanding feature of onsite education by GlobalCompliancePanel. Where else would you have the freedom and space to opt for what you want to learn? With onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel, you get courses that are totally value-driven.

Highly renowned experts: Onsite trainings by GlobalCompliancePanel are imparted by experts who know the ins and outs of regulatory compliance. With a range of over 500 well-known experts, onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel are the ideal choice for regulatory professionals.

Humungous cost saver: Another big advantage onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel come with is that the organization has to spend for only the Expert to come down and impart trainings at a location of the organization’s convenience. At one stroke, onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel eliminate the costs involved in giving trainings for everyone in the organization. 

Time saver: Yet another wonderful benefit onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel come with is the time factor. Not only do participating organizations decide on what they want to learn; they also draw up a schedule that matches their convenience and the Expert’s.

Easy to enroll for onsite education by GlobalCompliancePanel

If the impression that enrolling for onsite education by GlobalCompliancePanel is cumbersome, well, think again. All that is needed is taking a few easy steps:


Business Results-Delivering Custom On-Site Training

The aim of professional trainings is to deliver immediate results relevant to the business situation. This objective differs from that of traditional classroom trainings. Not only are they offered by experts who are from the industry; these courses are very specific and focused on the exact professional needs of the participants, who are working professionals.

In other words, while classroom trainings are given to students to help them attain the educational qualification needed to travel on the road to a career; professional trainings are given out to people who have already been in a profession. With the help of these trainings; professionals get a better understanding of what is new. These could pertain to best practices, industry updates or new technologies. The point of taking these trainings is that professionals upgrade their knowledge or skill that help them take faster and bigger strides in their careers. A popular mode of such professional trainings is onsite trainings, which has unique features.

Developing custom on-site training that delivers business results

Delivering business results is what differentiates onsite trainings from traditional learning. This is not to suggest that traditional learnings do not offer results; their results are to be discerned in the long run, whereas custom onsite trainings come with greater accountability, and their ability to deliver set results is tied to them. The point is that they have to justify the organization’s spend.

When it comes to developing custom onsite trainings that deliver business results, an organization can do any of these:


GlobalCompliancePanel’s Consulting and On-site Training Services come with many advantages

Helping organizations to overcome particularly focused issues is the main aim of the Consulting and on-site training services offered by GlobalCompliancePanel, a provider of professional trainings for regulatory professionals. Being a brand that has established itself in the professional trainings industry for more than eight years now; GlobalCompliancePanel has the expertise and understanding needed to grasp the exact learning needs of regulatory professionals. These are the modes in which GlobalCompliancePanel offers Consulting and on-site training services:


Consulting service from GlobalCompliancePanel makes it easier for professionals to get trainings on a chosen area while learning at their convenient schedule. In this kind of service, GlobalCompliancePanel offers an Expert from amongst its very well established and renowned panel that it has accumulated over the years from around the globe. This expert gets down to the client’s premises or any other preferred choice of location. After this, the Expert gets down to offering training on the precise, focused regulatory compliance issue that the client is facing.

It has been GlobalCompliancePanel’s experience that the client normally does not have problems with understanding broad concepts of regulatory compliance, but rather about a particular niggling issue. This area usually needs expert help, something GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts offer. Our expert thoroughly grasps the pain area and then offers ways by which it can be addressed. So, under this mode of consulting and on-site training services; GlobalCompliancePanel helps its clients understand and resolve their regulatory requirements.

Onsite trainings

On-site training service by GlobalCompliancePanel works in its own pattern. There are occasions on which the organization finds that the topic on which the Expert offers learning at an in person seminar is alright, but this mode has one small issue, which is the number of employees that need this program. This could be too high to be accommodated at a single venue such as a hotel or a conference venue. This is when consulting and on-site training services by GlobalCompliancePanel help the organization. GlobalCompliancePanel takes the expert to where the client is located or likes to get trained. This mode of professional trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel is highly useful for organizations because it saves expenses in a very big manner, as the client is required to meet the expenses associated with the trainings for only the expert, instead of for the whole organization.

GlobalCompliancePanel’s Onsite Consulting

Onsite consulting from GlobalCompliancePanel offers the client to choose the topic on which it wants its employees to be trained. These are the advantages of GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite consulting:


Descriptions of On-Site Training Course by GlobalCompliancePanel

Being the world renowned provider of professional trainings for the regulated industries that it is; GlobalCompliancePanel has made a name for offering the best in class professional trainings in these areas. Onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel cover the entire range of topics related to regulatory compliance. Its webinars, seminars, in-house trainings, and onsite trainings help professionals in respective industries gain the knowledge needed for making advancements in their professional careers.

The onsite trainings offered by GlobalCompliancePanel are highly valuable, highly relevant and very convenient.  In this mode of training, GlobalCompliancePanel gets the expert to come down to the client’s location or a location of mutual convenience. This mode has major benefits, such as:

1.      Deciding and choosing what they want to learn: GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings permit the highest level of customization, since they allow the organization to choose what it wants to get trained on. This feature makes GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings most appropriate to the participant.


2.      The client chooses the location: If in-person seminars require participants to come to the location at which the training is being offered; GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite consulting gives them the opportunity to get the Expert to a location of its own choice.


3.     The cost benefit: Onsite trainings by GlobalCompliancePanel are highly cost-effective. In saving the organization the expense involved in making arrangements for all the participants; onsite trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel are a huge cost saver.


Which courses do GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings offer?

GlobalCompliancePanel offers onsite trainings in all the areas of regulatory compliance. The exact choice of the topic is left to the organization that needs trainings, which it chooses in consultation with the Expert. GlobalCompliancePanel offers onsite regulatory compliance trainings on any of the areas on which a client wants them. These are just some of the areas in which regulatory compliance professionals derive benefits from GlobalCompliancePanel’s onsite trainings:

o        Medical devices

o        Surgical Instruments

o        Pharmaceuticals

o        Biologics

o        Healthcare

o        Food and Beverages

o        Software

o        Embedded Technologies

o        Energy and Utility

o        Payment Card Industry (PCI), etc.


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