Deal power crisis with Microtek Sine Wave Inverters

Inverters are another reason to cheer about for many of the household and small offices where the work would completely halter with the electricity cuts.

However to make it work in your favor, you should choose the inverter brand and right battery type wisely.  Whenever you decide to finalize on the inverter keep one thing in mind, you may not need power back-up for multiple appliances during power cuts but a few selective ones like a cooler, fan and your computer or TV.

There are two types of inverters available in the market:

1)Modified Sine Wave inverters: Modified Sine wave inverters are the most common type of inverters available in the market and they are economical. These are good for less sensitive devices.

2)Pure Sine Wave inverters: Microtek Pure or True Sine Wave inverters are an excellent choice for the sensitive appliances such as laptop computers, laser printers.

Sine Wave for sensitive electrical appliances

The power coming directly to your home produces a Sine Wave and thus it is an added advantage that your inverter also produces the Sine Wave. Microtek Sine Wave works excellent for the susceptible electrical or electronic items likelaptop computers, laser printers, gaming consoles, medical equipments, stereo systems, and rechargeable appliances. These types of inverters produce same power as supplied and thus most energy efficient and safe to use.

To select which MicrotekSine Wave inverter will be best for household or office, calculate which of the appliance will need the back-up during the power cuts. Normally, most for your appliances have their energy requirements mentioned in watts on their back panels or mentioned in their user manuals. You can opt for the inverter size from 600Va, 800Va, 1400Va, 3KVa to 5.5KV after calculating your requirements.

Right Battery type

Always keep in mind that the backup time or the number of appliances running on your inverter is dependent on the battery type that you use. If there are short time regular power cuts, bigger batteries are not suggested, as they will not be charged properly to give desired back up.

Impeccable customer service and product quality

Dealing with power crisis in modern times is very crucial for a household and business alike. Not every business has energy needs that amountto installing generator and rather than suffering in times as such, an inverter is a supply that you can count on o give you hours of back up.

From over a decade, Microtek has established itself as a brand that has earned the trust of millions of customers in India and overseas, owing to their customer services and technically evolved products with the changing tide of time. Quality product and quality customer care has been the USP of this brand. The inverters are not only pocket friendly but also energy efficient and thus as apt choice for small business or home.

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Deal power crisis with Microtek Sine Wave inverters

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Sep 02, 2014