Decorate And Enhance Your Home With Cheap Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are less expensive , are versatile and easily decorate and enhance the value of your home.

Plantation shutters can be very economical to purchase and if you are looking to decorate the windows quickly and on a budget yet, make them look nice, then plantation shutters are the way to do it.

Plantation shutters are less expensive , are versatile and easily decorate and enhance the value of your home. In fact, because they are long lasting and near permanent, they  can be financed into the purchase of your home. Also, plantation shutters are available in different different styles and louvre sizes – the most popular being 2 1/2 inch. But you can have them in any size and what size louvre you choose is your personal choice as well as what you think would be ideal for the home or room. As a rule of thumb, the 2 1/2 inch sized louvre is a standard size and works well for average size rooms with normal ceiling heights. But if your home has large rooms with high ceiling as in a colonial style home, a 3 1/2 inch louvre plantation shutter may be a better option to decorate and enhance your home.

When shopping for plantation shutters in Australia, remember that you can ask for custom plantation shutters. You don't always have to opt for the cheapest plantation shutters. A few extra bucks can made a huge difference to the home.

Custom made plantation shutters are always preferable as the shutters will be built to exact measurements and therefore, your windows will look that much nicer. Also, very often, a half shutter is all you need so you can go buy a more elegant plantation shutter and yet be within budget.  A full window plantation shutter on the other hand, let in lots of light and protects your rugs and furniture from sun damage. All we are saying is, there are cheap plantation shutters and then are ways to add beautiful plantation shutters cheaply and you can do the latter by simply spending some time thinking and planning.

Also, when Smartwood Shutters are custom made for your home, you can have lots of choices as to their design. For example, depending on the room and location of window, you could opt for  two panels that bi-fold to one side or open from the centre. The bi-fold option works best for very wide windows and door and also when there is some obstruction near the window.

Then there's the "double hung" plantation shutter. This will allow you to keep one-half open and one-half louvres closed. For example, you could keep bottom louvres closed (for privacy or sun control) and open the ones at the top (for light). Also, because these plantation shutters are double hung, the top panels can be folded all the way back against the wall while the bottom panels stay shut in place. Of course, you could also throw open all the panels back opening up the entire window. 

So yes, you can definitely decorate and enhance your home with Aluminium Shutters Canberra or add expensive plantation shutters cheaply. For more information visit:

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Aug 02, 2017