DetectaChem Improves Threat Detection with Advanced Technology

SEEKERe is a portable detector from DetectaChem, engineered for armed forces with advanced technology.

DetectaChem is looking to revolutionize the world of explosive and narcotic detection by harnessing the power of technology. 


Their line of SEEKERe detection devices makes it easier than ever to put your safety first. The original SEEKER is a military-level portable handheld detector that can quickly alert you to the presence of drugs or explosives. These devices are able to detect both trace and bulk amounts of illegal narcotics so you can be aware of exactly what you’re dealing with. 


There are three different types of SEEKERe Detection Kits: the SEEKERe EDK (Explosive Detection Kit), the SEEKERe MDK (Multi Detection Kit) and the SEEKERe DDK (Drug Detective Kit). 


The SEEKER products use special one-use detection cards to test for a wide variety of narcotics and explosives, including those used in IEDs, pipe bombs, and suicide belts. These cards are conveniently packaged, so they’re always ready when you need them and are discarded after use so there’s no messy clean-up or maintenance required. 


DetectaChem also offers a variety of related products that can help improve your safety on the job. One of these products is the Microsphere Heater System, designed to help train dogs to be able to detect explosives in a police or military setting. The system breaks down hazardous explosive materials into a safe, easy-to-transport compound that can be used for canine training. 


Another product is the MobileDetect Pouch, which allows for illegal drug tests to be performed wherever you are. The pouches can detect drugs in both pure and diluted forms for accuracy in any situation. There is a different pouch for every drug on the market, including meth, heroin, cocaine, MDMA, and bath salts. They use colorimetric technology to produce results which can be admitted in a court of law if needed. 


It’s DetectaChem’s mission to provide convenient, reliable products that get the job done anywhere at any time. They’re proud to be working to make the world a safer place, one device at a time. To request a free quote on any of DetectaChem’s explosive and narcotic detection products, you can visit their website at 

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DetectaChem, LLC is a privately held company in Stafford, TX. We are a manufacturer of drug detection products, explosive detector kits, and handheld explosive and narcotic detection products. Browse our threat detection systems today!

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Aug 24, 2017