Digital lifestyle enthusiast Kelly Wonderlin provides great apps, products, quick tips !

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Kelly Wonderlin
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Kelly Wonderlin is a digital lifestyle enthusiast and blogger. Kelly Wonderlin shares quick and easy tips and tricks to help make your family and home life the best it can be.

Press Release, Sep 20, 2015, Tx, USA : Digital lifestyle enthusiast, blogger and correspondent, Kelly Wonderlin helps you best represent your brand on online and on camera! Kelly shares her passion for apps, products and more on and on her youtube channel.

Her creative, succinct video content captivates viewers’ interest leaving them wanting more. Frequently asked to participate as a Key Influencer or Spokesperson, Wonderlin has enjoyed working with companies such as GoPro, Howdy Honda, Hallmark and more.

Wonderlin is also a co-owner of Horns Illustrated, in Austin, Texas. Kelly helps Horns Illustrateds' clients gain measurable results for their business.

Kelly is also a co-owner of Horns Illustrated, the sports magazine covering The University of Texas. Her background in social media, marketing, video & public relations has kept Kelly up to date on the latest tech, apps, gadgets. Regularly asked by several companies to participate as a spokesperson and (or) Key Influencer, Kelly has enjoyed working with brands such as, GoPro, MomCo App, Hallmark, Howdy Honday and more.

If you would like to contact Kelly Wonderlin about videos, correspondent work, spokesperson opportunities, becoming a brand ambassador for your company, contributing, general questions or interviewing, please visit : Or Send Email :


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Digital lifestyle enthusiast Kelly Wonderlin provides great apps, products, quick tips, Kelly's newest YouTube videos and much more.

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Kelly Wonderlin

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Sep 20, 2015

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