Do You Need Hardwood Floor Repair Services? Living in the Chicago Area Provides Advantages

When you are looking for wooden floor installation, refinishing and sanding in Chicago and nearby areas, you need to look no further than Classic Floor Chicago for the same.

Do you have a hardwood floor repair project in mind for you Chicago home? Chicago has a number of dealers that carry a wide range of the best flooring materials and exceptional floor repair services. You’re in luck by living in the area with these great resources close at hand. 

Floor repair is usually needed because of heavy foot traffic, abuse, inferior wood flooring, or a poor installation process. Sometimes the problem is caused by water coming under a door or pet scratching. Termites can come up through the bottom of floors that cause a real eye sore. It’s best to avoid cut-rate services or ones with low reviews because you may be sorry in the long run. You can feel confident the damage can look new again whether the problem is a small or large area by using experts in the area.

Take a look at some real floor damaged areas. The one at the left is cause by water. The middle photo show scars caused by sliding furniture. The last one shows a gouge caused by abuse.

The longer you wait to repair the areas the worse they tend to become. Procrastination can result in more expense in the long run. Avoid this possibility by doing the work ASAP. It’s nice to know these hardwood floor areas can be repaired by competent Chicago technicians.

Types of Floor Repair and Restoration Services

Hardwood floor repair and restoration projects go beyond simple floor repairs. Many area homeowners have elected to restore their once perfect floors to their original beauty.

Depending on their current condition, hardwood repairing and restoring can consist of:

?Removing part of the wood

?Working around baseboards

?Cutting out damaged areas and plugging them

?Replacing the subfloor in spots

?Removing the current finish and/or color

?Sand the floor smooth

?Staining the same or different color

?Putting on a new finish

?Waxing or polishing

All of this work takes skilled craftsmen to apply their trade. It is best left to the pros because amateurs lack the expertise and knowledge to go through the proper steps. They may lack the proper equipment to do a quality job. This applies to the homeowner or your friends that want to lend a helping hand. They, along with family members, may have good intentions but leave you with headaches. Once the floors are repair or restored, follow good maintenance practices.                                      

Reputable repair services will provide an accurate cost estimate free of charge. They will not ask for full payment up front so you can get a discount. Neither will they surprise you with hidden fees or practice bait and switch ploys. Don’t take chances with your hardwood floor repair or restoration project in your home or office area. 

Hardwood Floor Restoration Services in Chicago Are Close at Hand

Hardwood floor restoration is not for the amateur. It takes skills that are developed through training and experience. The leading floor service in Chicago will overcome any of your issues. ClassicFloorsChicago has been in business for more than 15 years and has solved thousands of homeowners’ flooring needs. Here is what their technicians can for you:

•Replace part of a hardwood floor or all of the flooring in a room

•Repair and restore small to large damaged areas in rooms and hallways

•Make door entryways look like new or completely replace them

•Level floors, sand the old finish off, stain the wood

•Create a perfect subfloor/underlayment

•Keep the dust under control

•Install new flooring in your desired patterns

•Wax/polish the floor to look like a million dollars

Talk to the technicians up front if you have special flooring needs. They might include a special type of hardwood, an original or unique design layout, adding materials that are not wood, or special stain colors. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to flooring.

You naturally want high reviews and customer testimonials from the company you choose. Having reliable and respectful workers makes a remodeling job more enjoyable. Don’t settle for a so-so floor service when you can have the best company do your hardwood floor restoration project in Chicago with professionalism. 

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