DOMO launches an entire range of Screen Guards across categories with features

DOMO also offers screen guards especially for gamers. First of its kind, these gaming screen guards offer high friction for increased precision

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India- 17th September 2014 16:04:19 - DOMO started the nClose series with an attractive looking range of nClose Gel Skin’s which offered protection to mobile phones and tablet PC’s. They have moved on to Screen Guard’s and Screen Protector’s, mixing innovation with fashion. With the newly introduced and the first of its kind gaming screen guards, DOMO distances itself from its competitors – the gaming screen guards are high in friction, enable gamers with better precision when playing games on their smart phones and at the same time are anti-glare enabling gamers to concentrate on the game’s and not be disturbed by unwanted reflections on the screen. Likewise, the glitter screen guards provides a sense of fashion rather boring and dull screen guards and it deems fit to say that the DOMO nClose screen guards will add a new dimension and sparkle to the screen of your device.

All the DOMO nClose Screen Guards are equipped with Bubble-free adhesive which leaves no traces when removed. As claimed by the company, these screen guards are precisely cut to the dimensions of the screen it is meant to be applied on.
The DOMO nClose screen guard have been priced reasonably well and are available within the range or Rs. 400 - 1200. Without burning a hole in your pocket they can be easily bought online and with availability for a large range of devices there must be one for your device as well.

The DOMO nClose screen guards have been launched in the following variants:

1) The nClose Hi Precision Professional Gaming Screen Guards: customized to give high friction for gamers and at the same time maintain high transparency. They are cut with precision, guaranteeing a perfect fit over your devices screen.

2) The nClose Super Sparkle Professional Screen Guards: a new way to protect your devices screens – a glamorous way indeed, this screen guard offers sparkling particles in your screen guard. Easy to apply and remove the nClose Screen guards protect your device’s screen from scratches.

3) The nClose Super Matte Professional Screen Guard: It simply delivers what it promises. Once you apply it over your screen, you will no longer be troubled with unwanted glare and at the same time maintains optimal transparency and passes on true colour of your screen.

4) The DOMO nClose Ultra Clear Professional Screen Protector: It is a super thin protective screen guard. The protector is ultra clear which looks and works like a piece glass and goes unnoticed.

You can easily purchase these glasses from their official website:

Sanjay Kaur, Business Development Manager at DOMO said “Sanjay Kaur, Business Development Manager at DOMO said “The DOMO nClose Screen Guards are designed to protect the device’s screen. It combines scratch protection and dust repelling features, topped with innovative features such as anti-glare, fingerprint resistant, high friction gaming and glitter. So don’t miss the experience of showing off your gadgets in their full glory without ever worrying about scratches.”

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Sep 17, 2014