DOMO Brings Quality 3D Vision at a Never Before Price

The newly launched AS20i utilizes shutter technology - the best in the business yet. Watch your entertainment world come alive with these pair of Hi-Tech glasses.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India-( 7th August 2014

DOMo Gadgets, the successful runner in the field of tablets and smartphones is demonstrating the latest 3D glasses with active shutter technology. The DOMO nHance AS20i Infrared 3D glasses are designed to optimize 3D performance on televisions sets and projectors. These 3D glasses are designed to produce sharper 3D images and temperance. For people looking to bring cinema-quality 3D experiences into their rooms these glasses offer a bold new approach. Boasting a 14ft effective use distance for maximum flexibility and for a blur-free 3D experience, these glasses work perfectly with large media viewing.

The lenses of AS20i are made up of Liquid Crystal and ensure precise synchronization, ensuring each vibrant 3D image is displayed with perfect clarity.

With Micro-engineered Lens and Stiff Plastic coating the DOMO nHance AS20i USB InfraRed 3D glasses fits just right in front of your eyes and has a perfectly balanced temple and a support for the nose bridge. Operating with long lasting lithium batteries which lasts for up to 75 hours, the AS20i can be recharged with a USB port.

These glasses will give the user a truly immersive experience when paired with an equally capable television set or projector. At a price of just Rs. 1290 these 3D glasses are the most affordable Active Shutter glasses in the market today. You can easily purchase these glasses from their official website:


Sanjay Kaur, Business Development Manager of DOMO said “At DOMO we are signifying the latest platforms of technologies that are manufactured to deliver 3D products to the global market. Our running models of 3D glasses are getting high marks and valuable feedback by the customer. We are excited to form new worlds of viewing possibilities and put 3D reach to a wider sector of the population – whether for work, entertainment or learning.”

Some Salient Features of DOMO nHance AS20bi Features:-

· Active Shutter technology

· LCD lenses

· Supports 2D as well as 3D videos.

· Connects through Infra red

· It has control buttons

· Stiff Plastic Frame

· Lightweight Construction, Precise Weight Balance, Exact Fit

· Premium Matte Coating on Frame

· 4-8 meters Connectivity Range

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Aug 07, 2014