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Personal injury law covers injuries from a slip and fall to medical malpractice. Sometimes, physical injuries are minor.

Personal injury law covers injuries from a slip and fall to medical malpractice. Sometimes, physical injuries are minor. Emotional distress and other softer values are considerable. Most of the time, personal injury lawyers in Miami address more serious injuries. If you’re in the hospital or you lose a loved one, the costs can spike quickly. When you spend more time in the hospital or rehab, your losses rise exponentially.

Many people want to get the largest amount for their case. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you’ll pay fees based on what kind of settlement or judgment you get. Fees vary between lawyers, but states provide certain guidelines. What you might not realize is plaintiffs get more with Nunez Law. Clients take home more after legal fees than they would on their own. In some cases, we win cases clients wouldn’t win on their own at all.

When you’re in the negotiation process, insurance companies and other parties might try to take advantage of you. If they get the sense you might not know what you’re doing, they’ll lowball or take bigger risks in court. Sometimes, just having a lawyer from Nunez Law by your side is enough to maximize your claim and get more. What’s the difference?

 Let a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami Do the Research

One of the most important parts of any claim is the research. You have to know enough to prove negligence or some duty owed to you. Then you have to establish your losses. Some cases are easier than others to assess. Doctors can estimate your short and long-term medical costs. They can also document things along the way. Nunez Law works with a team of professionals to make sure you have all the right facts.

We calculate medical costs and income loss. We can also calculate less tangible values like pain and suffering. We’ll cross our t’s and dot our i’s to make sure you get the right total. In most cases, we can get a reasonable settlement. We present proof of your financial losses.

If you have to go to court, professionals at Nunez Law can fight for your rights. We can explain your side to juries and judges to make sure you have the best chance at maximizing your judgment.

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