Doors and Windows: The Heart and Soul of a Structure

The article emphasizes the importance of doors and windows and a brief their journey of hundreds of years. It also lets the readers know about the changing market for doors and windows and how that is helpful to the environment.

Every structure, whether it is a house, an office, a shop, a restaurant or any workspace generally consists of three basic things; wall, doors, and windows. The doors and windows hold their significance. Where the former is a way to entering into space, the latter is for ventilation, light and things like that. The doors and windows are generally the only openings in a room, house or office. They also help in beautifying the look of any place and this might be an added advantage to the list of benefits they provide to that place.

Doors and windows have been one of the essential parts of any structure almost since the time these structures began to be built. History tells us that at first there were no windows but only openings for the light and air to pass through. As the time passed, windows went through the stages of transformation. The same goes for the doors which have their history even older than that of windows. And now, several hundreds of years later, there is a huge market for doors and windows, each kind serving its own purpose.

In early times the doors and windows were only made of either wood or iron. But now there are many materials used for their manufacture. Some of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing doors and windows are:

• Woods (timber) or engineered woods.

• Bamboo

• Aluminum

• Fiber

• PVC or polyvinyl chloride

• UPVC or un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride

One of the most used materials to manufacture doors and windows these days is UPVC. There are several reasons for that. One of the most important reasons being that it is synthesized keeping in mind all the extreme conditions that a door and window can face. This raises the probability of this material being more ready for such conditions as compared to other materials. Moreover, since they are chemically synthesized, they also are quite cheaper materials than woods or aluminum which are natural substances.

Delhi is a big market for many things and when it comes to doors and windows, this still holds true. There are many kinds of doors and windows available in Delhi and the market is growing day by day. For instance, it is quite easy to find a manufacturer that can provide you with UPVC casement windows in Delhi. In fact, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of doors and windows that specifically specialize in doors and windows manufactured using UPVC as a primary ingredient.


Delhi is a growing market for UPVC doors and windows and it is predicted that it will become even bigger in the near future. This also is a good thing as far as the environment is concerned since the cutting of woods has become much lesser with the introduction of man-made manufacturing materials for doors and windows like vinyl and fiber. It has become difficult, as compared to earlier times, to find a doors supplier in Delhi who only sells doors made of wood.



Doors and windows are vital components of any building and hold a great importance. They not only are important structurally and functionally but also make the structures look attractive and intriguing since they are available in so many designs. The doors are the first thing that gains attention of a person when he or she visits a place. Similarly, the windows show the outer view of the world. Both of them serve their purposes. Where a door lets us know an inner world, a window shows us the preview of the world outside.

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Oct 04, 2017