Douglas Orr Plumbing Makes Strides to Streamline Business Without Sacrificing Good Old-Fashioned Service

Douglas Orr founded his plumbing company on the simple principle, “Work hard, be honest, and stand behind your work.”

Miami, FL – Douglas Orr Plumbing is integrating new construction accounting software that will automate the purchasing, ordering, and restocking process, making it easier for their technicians to focus on plumbing. The company believes that the new Foundation Software will give their contractors more time to work on customer projects and will also give them updated information about available materials, which makes their job estimates more accurate. The company believes investing in this infrastructure now, will pay off in the future.

Foundation Construction Accounting Software Changes Orr Plumbing’s Way of Doing Business

Douglas Orr Plumbing has built its reputation around providing comprehensive services to its customers. In order to accommodate many different kinds of customers, the company has built different departments with different specialists. Now, Orr Plumbing will use specialized accounting software to integrate all of those departments, allowing them to communicate with each other instantly.

Foundation Software is widely used in the construction industry and allows a company’s purchasing department to communicate directly with its techs, who can provide updated information to customers and schedule jobs and services instantly. Now, when a customer calls Douglas Orr, a plumber can write a work ticket based on real-time information. Parts come off the truck instantly and get re-stocked and re-ordered immediately. Other departments can view the work tickets and administrative staff has access to integrated schedules that compile information from all contractors and departments.

This means more efficient and accurate services for Douglas Orr customers. The company says it will allow its technicians to spend more time doing actual plumbing work, and less time doing paperwork. For construction clients, it means that at all stages of a project, each department is communicating effectively and automatically, which reduces delays. All this is the company’s way of making technological investments to improve their customer service.

Douglas Orr Also Invests in the Community at Stress Relievers’ September Event.

The Stress Relievers, made up of local business owners who seek ways to provide networking opportunities for its customers that also benefit the community, is hosting a happy hour in September at Maguires Hill 16. Each month, the group, including Douglas Orr Plumbing, chooses a local charity to sponsor and invites property managers and board members to contribute to the charity’s goals. This month, Stress Relievers is benefiting Stray Aid and Rescue, a no-kill, not for profit rescue organization and provider of affordable spay/neuter services.

The September Happy Hour will be held on September 10, 2014 from 5:30-7:30 at Maguires Hill 16. Stress Relievers asks that attendees bring an item from Stray Aid and Rescue’s wish list. In exchange, the group offers a fun happy hour, free drink tickets, and a great networking opportunity. If clients wish to attend, they can choose any of the items from the following list to donate:

- Cat food any kind canned or dry
- 70% isopropyl alcohol
- Kitchen garbage bags
- Black yard waste bags
- Pee pee pads, any size
- Laundry soap
- Fabuloso
- Distilled water
- Gift cards

The September Happy Hour is sure to be a good time, benefiting a great cause. Considering attending and bringing a donation. You can register for the event by clicking here

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Douglas Orr founded his plumbing company on the simple principle, “Work hard, be honest, and stand behind your work.”

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Sep 08, 2014

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