Dr. Connie Jeon Introduces an effective treatment for Lupus

Hello, to all you Health warriors! We need to be proactive with our health today more than ever.

Create Health Despite Lupus! Johns Creek, Georgia, June 20, 2017- Have courage! Focus on your goals and don’t let Lupus win!

Hello, to all you Health warriors! We need to be proactive with our health today more than ever.

Welcome to our health center! We are a team of clinical specialists with unique expertise to help you fight your battles with your health by providing you a Holistic Solution to take control over your life and health.

We believe the current model of medicine is substandard because it’s stuck on the 1900’s century paradigm of mechanical medicine. We’ve evolved so much more from that and it requires an open mindset to understand our miraculous physiological bodies. We need to respect the interplay between Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological systems.

Whether you are an adult or a child , if you are suffering from lupus, we can show you how to fight your battle with Lupus so you can win. It can be a hard road to recovery but its important not to lose hope.

Stay positive, enjoy the journey, and count the small wins everyday. We stand by you to make this journey as easy as possible. Check out our services at https://conniejeon.com/ and lupusrebel.com. And, if you have any questions regarding doctors, lupus treatments, sick care, yoga sessions, etc., you can contact us.

Based in the Johns Creek city of Georgia, our Health and Wellness Center focuses on providing the most cutting edge treatments that’s been researched and validated.

We understand the difficulties of living with a chronic illness such as Lupus. I’ve lived with Lupus for over 19 years and experienced the devastations of this autoimmune disease.

Through various interventions and trials and errors, I know how to not only survive, but thrive despite Lupus. I’ve taken an active approach to learn various healing techniques and treatments, such as Holistic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Meditation, and much more.

I’ve read hundreds of books and medical journals, completed various medical trainings, and courses… all because I found a deep void in what was being offered to me.

This is why I’ve opened my center in Johns Creek GA, to help patients like you to find better solutions to create health.

Key is not to cause further disruption to our physiology!

In an autoimmune condition, our bodies became self destructive. And the medical treatments are focused on shutting off the immune system. While doing so may prove some benefit temporarily, it’s not the long term solution because the toxic medications then cause secondary side effects such as cancer.

It’s important to stay focused on helping your body stay healthy through this self destructive phase. All interventions that I recommend has proven its effectiveness personally as well as in research. Such interventions include Yoga, Alkaline Diet, Alkalizing supplements, and Meditation.

Yoga allows me to decrease pain in my joints and muscles, increase flexibility and strength to prevent ailments as well as get me stronger. The Alkaline Diet was inspired by Macrobiotics, Paleo, and Ketogenic Diet which incorporates “Real” foods and are easy to cook and prepare. It allows of an overall healing effect for your gut, and for your immune system. Lastly, using a coherence technique, our meditation technique will ensure that you tap into your central nervous system to reset to promote energetic body and a sharp mind.


About Dr. Connie Jeon

Dr. Connie Jeon is a Lupus Rebel for beating all the odds of the devastating effects of Lupus from severe kidney involvement. She’s strategically fought to decrease toxic meds with her doctors as she understood the negative effects of the medications.

She’s acquired the necessary didactic knowledge as well as continuing to learn everyday to better serve her patients as well as to continue her battle with Lupus.

She’s dedicated her life to helping million individuals to take charge over their health by defying all odds and creating health. She’s the living proof that it’s possible and she hopes to share her knowledge and secrets with you as well.

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Hello, to all you Health warriors! We need to be proactive with our health today more than ever.

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