DreamWorks Dental Laboratory Group of Dental Professionals Face Great Challenges

If you are looking a full service laboratory that specializes in advanced implant restorations and other dental prosthetic service

If you are looking a full service laboratory that specializes in advanced implant restorations and other dental prosthetic service, perhaps you might consider DreamWorks Dental Laboratory. They cultivate a small team atmosphere, are incorporated into the technological advantages of a production laboratory to personally cater to your very individual needs.

DreamWorks (http://dreamworksdentallab.com/) is a full service laboratory and we specialize in advanced implant restorations as well as offering a full crown & bridge and prosthetic service.

In order to continuously stay on the cutting-edge due to tight completion on the market, they needed to advance their services. It is now influenced by the many technologies and materials that are now considered industry standards.

Recently, they partnered with several prominent educators, especially Dr.Sol Weiss, Dr. Edward Gelfand. They assisted the clients and technicians to routinely elevate their skills and techniques. Their steady relationship with various manufacturers and leading lecturers, who provide additional hands-on instruction in our state-of-the-art facility, also allows the laboratory to specialize in each of the products it produces for unparalleled results.

One of the new high end services they offer is the Roland DWX-50 Dental Milling Machine. Roland offers dental milling equipment that is unsurpassed in its precision engineering and quality. With its compact design and easy-to-use operation, the Roland DWX-50 dental milling machine is the ideal choice for any laboratory, small or large. The precise machining that it offers does not come at the expense of user comfort: this machine is quiet, clean and easy to set up.

Many user-friendly features are incorporated in the design, including the following:

•    Automatic calibration
•    4 or 5-axis machining capabilities
•    5-station automatic tool changer
•    Integrated air blower system for use with PMMA, Zirconia and other materials that are difficult to machine
•    Built-in dust collection tray that can be connected to a high-velocity suction system
•    360-degree rotation of material in clockwise and counter clockwise directions
•    Materials can be tilted forward or backward by 20 degrees for complex cuts

In addition to they have also the Roland DWX-4W Dental Mill, built for wet-milling purposes, the DWX-4W dental mill is a perfect counterpart to the DWX-4 dry mill. Dental labs using these two dental mills side by side enjoy several advantages over those using a single machine with wet and dry milling functionality:

•    Wet and dry-milling materials can be processed simultaneously, resulting in more efficient operations and higher product turnover
•    The time and effort that would otherwise be taken up by switching a single machine between wet-milling and dry-milling mode can be used for production of materials
•    A wet mill and a dry mill operating in tandem can each be customized for optimal production

The DWX-4W wet mill has the following features:

•    Automatic tool changer
•    Built-in pump and coolant system
•    Can accommodate up to three CAD/CAM blocks
•    Easy to use, clean and maintain

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Dental Professionals Face Great Challenges

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Dec 20, 2016