E-commerce Trends to Watch in 2015

The e-commerce world is continuously evolving, growing and improving to meet consumers’ new behaviors. It's no secret that it’s a lucrative endeavor for companies active in the field.

The e-commerce world is continuously evolving, growing and improving to meet consumers’ new behaviors. It's no secret that it’s a lucrative endeavor for companies active in the field. There are a number of trends expected in 2015 that both consumers and retailers should have in mind as the sector continues along the path of astronomical growth. Do you have what it takes to keep your eBusinessperfoming? We have summarized here the main trends that should surface in the coming months.

1. Mobileis THEpriority

- Mobile friendliness:One of the latest surveys conducted by Shopify showed that 50.3% of all e-Commerce traffic originates from mobile. Mobile is not only a reality, it’s the majority. Retailers active on the Web need to make sure that their sites have been optimized to accommodate a growing segment of mobile shoppers. Mobile friendly sites will be essential for companies who want to succeed in e-Commerce. Google already started using the mobile friendliness of sites as ranking parameter during searches. How good do you rank? How responsive are you?

- Applicationswill become smarter: In 2014, we saw more and more consumers use applications to purchase merchandise after having searched for it. Marketers have sensed it and will come with in-app advertising and marketing solutions. E-commerce businesses that don't have an app should consider having one developed, while those that do need to make sure that people can use them to complete their buying transactions.

- Mobile payments: 2015 will see the emergence of multiple mobile payment solutions (like Apple Pay and others). Make sure your eBusiness solution has the right level of comfort and security for consumers to pay in confidence both offline and online.

2. Consumerization:

- Customization is the name of the game. It’s only getting more and more important. Coming with personalized data increases the conversion rate. Marketing will start talking to you and not to consumers.

- Targeted advertisements: in 2015 marketing strategies may focus on re-targeting efforts to attract new customers instead of looking for abandoned cart opportunities. As well, complex algorithms could be used to specially target niche online audiences through automation.

- Social media will be used more frequently: With a business volume expected to exceed 14 BUSD in 2015, it is clear that brands have understood the potential of social commerce. The Internet has made it possible for brands to reach a wide range of consumers, essentially at the touch of a button. In fact, social networks have become a popular channel for advertising. We see an increasing number of initiatives on social networks from brands (giveaways, new product videos, special events and sales promotions) to get in touch with consumers. Many e-commerce companies will leverage sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get people's attention and draw them in to their online shopping portals.

- Customer segmentation: As a way to optimize the on-site and marketing experience, some online retail brands are likely to use customer segmentation tools in 2015. These tools allow brands to identify their best customers and reward them or specifically target potential customers who are active site visitors but have not made a purchase yet.

3. User Experience:

Not talking about the natural expectation of eCommerce sites (intuitive, seamless navigation, well thought architecture, etc…) we see some serious changes occurring in the ways products are displayed.

- Advanced design and use of visuals: the impossibility to handle and inspect products before making a purchasing decision on a web site have driven some consumers’dissatisfaction about items they had purchased. More and more online retailers are putting efforts on the design of their website and the use of highquality images, 3D presentations of products that deliver a more interactive and visually appealing experience for Internet shoppers.

- Storytelling and content marketing: e-Consumers are more frequently looking to seek out more than just product information and want to know about brands and products before they purchase. Knowledge such as how products are made, what other consumers think about can turn casual shoppers into repeat customers.

In conclusion, there is an array of potential 2015 eCommerce trends to keep an eye on. In such an innovative industry, it’s no surprise changes to design, advertising, and fulfillment will impact the industry as a whole this year. Are you ready for it?

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