Ecosmob Extends VoIP Leadership Position with Advanced Class 5 Softswitch Solution

After setting new milestones in providing VoIP solutions to the global clientele, Ecosmob has announced a vast array of advanced features in its Class 5 Softswitch solution, designed to meet the requirements of VoIP service providers.

Ecosmob is a proven VoIP solution provider since 10 years with the highly customer-centric approach. The company offers solutions with different VoIP technologies including Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, and OpenSIPs.

Through introducing an advanced Class 5 VoIP Softswitch, the company breaks new ground with a scalable and flexible, residential Softswitch solution. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Maulik Shah, director of Ecosmob, revealed the objective behind announcing feature-rich Class 5 Softswitch with these words: “In tune with our endeavors to permanently adapt our VoIP Softswitch solutions to current business demands, we have brought advanced Class 5 Softswitch for our global clients. It will be developed based on the client’s requirements, prevalent telecom laws and regulations of the client’s country. We just want to give our clients the most customized solution that they can use without any legal or technical issues.”

The spokesperson at Ecosmob showed the importance of the advanced Class 5 VoIP Softswitch along with naming the types of companies that can use this solution: “Our Class 5 Softswitch is ideal for VoIP service providers and residential broadband service providers. It is fully loaded with a lot of functions and gives a complete network management solution for VoIP to both service providers and business organizations on a single platform. We offer full-scale routing capabilities to maximize performance for small to large voice and data networks. We are happy that existing and new VoIP service providers, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations use our software, and now we are going to give them more advanced version for facilitating changing VoIP-based requirements.” The spokesperson also showed some of the important features of Class 5 Softswitch solution: “ Apart from the traditional features, our customized Class 5 Softswitch is integrated with advanced features like plan subscription, flexible routing options, real-time call authorization, customized call failover, auto dialer, unlimited resellers panel, package billing, conferencing, SIP and IMS extensions, call parking, etc. It completely eliminates deployment delays and can handle a large volume of calls at once.” he concluded.


A VoIP industry expert hailed Ecosmob for offering advanced Class 5 Softswitch solutions with these words: “ The industry has witnessed many solution providers try and fail to deliver a true Class 5 Softswitch solution. The major reasons for the failure are non-compatibility with the local telecom laws and performance-related problems. Ecosmob has not only delivered the Class 5 Softswitch to the global VoIP service providers but also proven its expertise through developing customized VoIP Softswitch for independent and competitive carriers. The latest enhancements allow Ecosmob Technologies to be more competitive on the highly challenging VoIP market.”


Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a highly skilled and experienced team of developers to develop client-centric Softswitch solutions. The company follows the agile methodology and has a proven track record of timely delivery of any VoIP-based project globally. To know more about the features and benefits of the Class 5 Softswitch developed by Ecosmob, visit




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Jul 19, 2017