Elisiontec Announced To Offer Helpdesk Ticketing Solution for Global Clients

Elisiontec has announced to offer a custom Helpdesk ticketing system which is furnished with all simple to advanced features of ticketing solution. This solution can be used for technical support services to provide topnotch support to customers.

Elision Technolab LLP is an India based IT Solution Provider Company. The operational office of the company is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has been offering a range of IT and VoIP Solutions to its customers in India and around the globe. Recently, the spokesperson of the company made an announcement to offer feature rich Help Desk Ticketing solution. This online ticketing system has all simple to advanced features to provide technical support to customers.

According to the made announcement by the company, the stated ticketing solution is the best for product and service based organizations which offer online support services to their customers. The stated ticketing solution offers a well organized way to provide support services on time and that also without any conflict.

“There are many IT and technological companies around the globe which provides post sale product support to their customers. In fact, some companies only as service provider for technical support. The Helpdesk ticketing system can be the best tool they can use to effectively offer support services to their customers. It resolves all issues and provides additional tools to offer prompt and enhanced services to customers. For example, instead of calling and staying in call queue, customers can raise a support ticket for the support they are looking for. The engineers will be notified on support request and can lock the ticket while working to resolve it. This ensures each ticket is taken care of, which sometimes get difficult with traditional call or email system. Moreover, when the ticket is locked by an engineer, others can’t modify the ticket. This is a more organized way to inform other engineers that this ticket is under progress and they can look over other tickets. This improves productivity as it resolves issues of multiple people working on the same ticket or modifying the ticket of others.”

The spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP shared that this online ticketing solution is developed by keeping small to large support companies. Thus, it can handle a few to thousands of tickets in parallel without decreasing the performance. This solution is a web based system which can be accessed remotely using a web browser which speeds up the task as well as adds comfort and convenience to end users.

The stated Helpdesk Ticketing system has a range of features. Some of the key features of it are listed below:

· Dashboard

· Ticket edit/ Add/ Delete

· Ticket Status update

· Ticket transfer

· Setting priority to the tickets

· Applying filters to tickets

· Support for custom fields in the ticketing solution

· Add details of the agent who is handling ticket

· Add details of the technician who is handling ticket

· Adding note about ticket status

· Locking the ticket to get tempered or hampered while under progress by one of the technicians or agents'

· Support for RHTML

· Automated Response

· Service Level Agreements

· A range of reports

· Custom User Portal

· And more

To know more about this helpdesk ticketing system, visit http://www.elisiontec.com/product/helpdesk-ticketing-system/


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Jul 21, 2017