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JustYap lets you place Wi-Fi calls at a very low cost if the other party does not have access to internet connection.

JustYap lets you place Wi-Fi calls at a very low cost if the other party does not have access to internet connection.

The new app on the market not just brings quality voice and video on the table, but the additional features are even more interesting. If you have an access to Wi-Fi but unfortunately the person you want to call is not available in the Wi-Fi zone you can still make a call. This feature makes JustYap an outstanding app in the market. While other apps stress on having an internet connection, this particular calling app does not!


JutYap is designed so effectively that a user does not even require an internet connection. Wave goodbye to high costs because the app is offering low costs international calls worldwide. Calling any number through the app who does not have a Wi-Fi is simpler than ever before. The app should be installed and the rest is taken care by the calling app itself. The call to another party without internet will be routed through VOIP on their usual number. The routed call will connect to their GSM number. This process does not take very long. In fact, a caller hardly notices that this process is taking place. JustYap is designed to perform this function on its own.


However, when the call is routed to the GSM number, a small cost is incurred to the caller. This applies to both local and international calls. Enjoy affordable calling rates to place cheap international calls to loved ones and friends. This feature gives the user the flexibility to call anyone in any part of the part without worrying about high rates. On the other hand, no need to worry about Wi-Fi connections because even that’s not necessary to make a call.


Enjoy cheap international as well as local calls with JustYap. There are so many options to choose from so whether your family or loved one life nearby or across the world, all you need is the best android app available and enjoy cheap calls. Download the app and free yourself from the hassle of a mobile network.

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All calling apps for Android and calling apps for iPhone lets a user place calls to the contacts available on the app for free. However, with JustYap new feature all a user needs is the app in the phone.

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Apr 12, 2017