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Armani Exchange, shortly AX is a beautiful brand launched by Armani Line in 1991 in the United States and soon it gets enlisted in the lists of contemporary fashion brands.

 Armani Exchange, shortly AX is a beautiful brand launched by Armani Line in 1991 in the United States and soon it gets enlisted in the lists of contemporary fashion brands. Inspired by the street-chick lifestyle and modern dance and music, it has concentrated on the younger crowd. Currently, this brand has more than 175 stores across the world having an innovative style of watches for both men and women.


Introducing Armani Exchange AX Connected Watch: While the latest android wear watches get the most attention, here comes another type of hybrid smart watch offering long life quartz movement along with Bluetooth connection. The most interesting information which will definitely help the wearer is that it can be connected to anyone’s phone.


Feel smart, Stay smart:

These Armani Exchange watches offer smart functionality featuring auto-time, smartphone notifications, activity tracking, and so on. These watches get automatically updated and keep balance with the phone’s timing for the correct time. From the AX Connected app one can get custom alerts and smartphone notifications. For the benefit of us, it also offers automatic tracking activity. Amazingly, it can control the music played in our smartphone. For the forgetful persons, these models introduce a system by which you can ring your phone and find your misplaced phone quickly. Being smart enough it can track your nightly sleeping hours. No worry of charging! The watch goes cordless. For keeping power consumption low, the AX Connected watch utilizes a standard coin cell battery known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Date and alarms are indicated via the subdial at 6 o’clock. It is reasonably priced for a smartwatch with advanced technologies.


Enlighten the Street with Armani Exchange Street:

Armani Exchange Street AX5317 model is an analogue watch with extremely stylish, sleek and mature look. The warm rose gold tone will give you a precious feeling of your feminine side. It comes in a voluminous case at 36mm, adds a “love at first sight” flavour with a polished buttery touch. The sunray finish on the rose gold dial will give you an irresistible mesmerizing feeling. What makes this watch sturdy is the material stainless steel that has also made the strap durable and shatter-free. Most surprisingly, the dial represents no numerals to denote the hours but effortless appliqués as indices. The rose-gold screws attached with strap elevate its beauty and attitude. These pretty models offer 2 years warranty period priced at just Rs. 12,995.


Get Sporty with a Super-Black AX Smart Watch:


Armani Exchange Smart AX2098 model gives a sportive feeling defining itself as “better starts now”. Trust the brand for providing the perfect blend of aesthetics and ultra-modern technology. The model comes in a super black 45 mm bezel, induced with silver coloured eye-grabbing markers. A leather strap gives unbelievable comfort to the wearers. Keeping the dial clean and tidy, appliqués are given instead of numerals with easily readable chronograph and date display functions. The Mineral glass stands for longevity and durability. It is filled up with natural and artificial light which gives it a super-luminous effect. It is beyond imagination that this black gleaming watch is available just for Rs. 12,995.

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